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Wednesday, November 18th 2015

2:28 PM

Fish Tank Shower

In my dream, I owned a very large house and I was renting out rooms to other women. There is no men at all in my dream. 

The house is very beautiful of course, with richly colored wood floors and perfect high ceilings. 

In the upstairs bathroom, I am installing an aquarium into the walls of the shower. There is fresh water fish in the aquarium. 

One of the fish is a black molly like the one my sister had as a pet that my father killed on accident when we were younger. It was looking into my eyes and it connected to me. 

I was filling the water to the top of the aquarium while I was taking a shower. 

I remember I had picked out a fish for each person that lived in the house but, I can't remember them now.

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