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Saturday, December 5th 2015

1:47 PM

New Tarot

In my dream, I am in a house that has something wrong with the foundation. The foundation is for some type of cheaply built house.

There is a living room and kitchen right as you first enter, and alot of wood. There is a hallway that goes to bedrooms.

There is a woman with straight brown hair that lives there and her daughter comes over and brings a young daughter and I also see a young boy although he never speaks. 

The woman's adult daughter is light skinned with long black hair and she dresses promiscuously at times. She seems to leaver her children to much at her mothers house. (That's what the spirit guide shows me)

The adult daughter has a boyfriend/ lover and she also has tarot cards. The boyfriend is young, almost hispanic looking and attractive.

The mother and I take out the tarot cards in the kitchen from a bedroom, which are her daughters. They are unique. (I have never seen them before). We start to do them. I take them in my hand and make a spread intuitively.

While we do the tarot cards, there is my spirit guide telling me that the boyfriend dabbles in the dark arts and that when he doesn't like someone, he casts a spell. Than, the guide goes on to say that the daughter is promiscuos and wild. I think there is even a love spell cast onto the daughter.  

Well, I lay the cards about in a square. The cards are mostly colored for their elements. I trace a green pattern in the square and its in sort of an L-shape and I see a new home. I think there is 7 cards for 7 years or months but, not sure of that or exact number. I also see a gold halo in place of a crown on the back of a card.

The home that I forsee is more stable and it has black trim on the windows. This new home is where they will find stability and peace. 

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