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Friday, December 11th 2015

11:36 AM

Winning The Game

I am with a group of friends that I do not recognize. This dream seems to take place in another time, because they almost seem like ancient peoples. They are dressed like celtic people perhaps ,hundreds of years ago.

We are walking from a far off place that is green and the terrain is jagged and lush. It is a bit cold, we can see our breath in the air. 

For myself, I am dressed as they are. I have a ponytail with a braid and am wearing armour like on Game of Thrones. I have a long staff in my hands, made simply from wood.

We come onto the screen, like in a video game. We enter this town and then it is like we are alive. The city is stone, and mossy. The people we see greet us and they are very happy.

Everyone is saying that we won the games. I do not know which games it is or what sport. In my dream, I don't seem as confused. 

We march into the modern world in a house and there is all the prizes we won, held in like a trail where we keep picking them up.

One prize for example, is a blanket in a modern plastic bag. The blanket is a celtic knot. I grab this one and run back to our other world. The men are grabbing things as well and coming back. 

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