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Sunday, March 5th 2017

6:44 PM

Ceiling Melting

I am sleeping in the bedroom of a two story house. It appears to be a King size bed with black blankets and white pillows. I have my hair up in a ponytail, snuggled into the comforter.

As I am dreaming, I feel pieces of wet gunk, dropping onto my face. I wake up and feel the slimy plaster. I look close at the white mixture, which is all over the place. It is coming from above me still, as I wake.

I realize that it is the ceiling, which is melting. I can see large holes, growing bigger by the moment, dissolving and falling down slowly.

There is water that is dripping down too. It is because the room above me is a bathroom. I can see the shower and it has a blue transparent curtain around it. The tiles are very white and fresh on the surface of the walls.

There are men that come over with ladders and they climb up and analyze the situation. They seem very perplexed and amazed. They try to fix everything. They have tools in their hands, like paint brushes and trowels. 

I don't seem that upset, so I go to bed every night and every day, they come back to work on it, until it's done. I am very calm, peaceful and serene, throughout the process.

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