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Wednesday, March 22nd 2017

2:45 PM

The Night Ride

There is a high mountain, which is standing tall in the night sky. It is a reddish brown one, with a flat top, signaling to me that I am in a desert. I walk to the top of this place and look around. There is stars glowing softly everywhere and a woman awaits me.

She has red hair and is very beautiful. The hair is long and her eyes are a brown color. She tells me that she is the guide. She waves her hands towards the air and a Ferris wheel type of ride pops down from the sky.

There are little colorful capsules, cycling like this carnival ride. There are riders in each vessel, who are traveling in a round pattern, yet it is not planted into one spot.

As I get on the ride, I realize that the ride is spinning and going across the whole sky. Lights and colors are painted like the aurora borealis, through the darkness. My capsule is very circular and bubbly looking. To return, one must simply will it. 

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