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Friday, April 14th 2017

1:59 PM

Dark Places

It is so dark everywhere and I'm in spirit form, watching over this world. It's hard to see, almost blinding but, I can hear a female's voice on a phone telling me that Ashton, my son, was shot. I see him in the dark and he is in a old school sky blue mustang, passenger seat and has blood running from his head and slouched over. He is wearing jeans and a black hoodie.

I'm really crying and emotional and there is a barrier between me and this scene as if I can see it but, not interact. I imagine this is like how a ghost would see. Then, the phone rings again and this time it is a man's voice. My spirit soars very high up and everything begins spinning as I fly to another place.

I'm emotional and urgent to talk with my father because the man in the phone is saying that something has happened to him and he cannot hear or speak any longer. I see him in his kitchen and he is wearing some kind of head brace at the table. The look in his eyes is blank as if he is not the same person. It is hard to accept but, I can't seem to span the distance between the voices to be there with them.

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