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Monday, April 17th 2017

2:32 AM

Crows Fly

I am walking up gray stone steps on a long winding staircase. The building is tall at the top, showcasing an empty and abandoned place. The stairs are narrow and the atmosphere is cold from the stone. I am wearing a white Greek style dress with a one shoulder wrap. My hair is in a braid and curls pop out as I step higher.

I reach the top of the stairs, which I am climbing and I realize that there is crows standing in a small cut out window, which is narrow and rectangular in shape. They seem to be trapped. They are pacing around each other with concern and confusion. There is three of them and they are hesitant to trust me as I reach out my hand to move away a couple bricks, which are obscuring their exit. They seem very nervous.

As I move the obstacle, one of them immediately flies through and then one waits until the other has left and goes as well. The third crow, before it takes off to leave, turns round and looks at me in gratitude and then turns back around again to fly. Then I notice there are three black feathers in the window and I collect them and put them into my hair, at the back of my head.

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