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Saturday, April 22nd 2017

5:46 PM

Clouds and Bows

My soul is soaring through blue skies and it is a joyful feeling. As I am going, I notice all the clouds in the air, there is some that are large, some that are small and some that sparkle. They are varying shades of white, gray and black shadow and ice.

When I see a cloud sparkle, I do my best to stop to watch it, before it floats away. This is because when the sunlight hits it, a rainbow comes out of it. It is exciting to watch and it makes me passionate about the beauty!

Then, I fly back down to Earth and I am in a church singing. I go from singing at the front, to the very back of the room. This place is just past the wooden church pews, on a dark forest green carpet and into a white stone walled kitchen, where I can barely see the words to the song of Jesus.

Someone starts speaking from behind me and says that I shouldn’t sing so proud because I am only a background singer. It stuns me for a few minutes, as I contemplate what is being said! I keep hearing the voice over and over in my head saying that I am just a background singer.

Then, I notice a lady with short cut hair, like a boys and it is rainbow colors. She smiles at me and so I follow her into a bedroom. She has on black glasses and she is sitting on a twin bed with black covers and white sheets. She is looking through a photo book and she motions for me to come discover what she is looking at.

The pictures in her hands are Polaroid’s and she takes more from a shoe box, as she hands them to me in piles of threes, fours and fives. The pictures are of clouds and rainbows. I look across from where I am sitting and see many more shoeboxes in an open closet, which has sliding mirror doors. 

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