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Thursday, May 4th 2017

12:02 AM

Glowing Mirror

There is a small house with white carpet, which is creamy and dusty from age. The rooms are small and comfy. There is a tan leather couch in the living room, which Paul is sitting on with another man, who has black hair, light skin and wears transparent black glasses. We are all in all black clothing.

The man has a backpack on and Paul and he have boxes of stuff, which they are going through and pulling all over the room. There are files, sweaters and random electronic devices, which appear to be like iPods and musical players of this time.

I go into the hallway to reach up into the attic. The windows have dirty coffee colored blinds and there are no sounds. I pull down the ladder and go to the destination. I feel an overwhelming desire to look through everything for clues.

I walk up the steps and there is a small room with mirrors, music and newspapers. After reading a few headlines, it is obvious that there was some kind of war here. To me, the language used is English. It is obvious that this is another place that is not America that I know.

I pick up a hand held mirror, which surpasses the era of the other objects by many years. It begins to glitch in my hand and when I turn it around, I notice that the black backside has solar power and a clear protective case. There are markings in silver of another language, weird symbols that I cannot translate and when the light hits them just right, they are luminescent and change not only color but shape as well.

I must have knocked something to the right position because suddenly the mirror turns on and displays a Germanic looking language. There are videos saved on what looks like a desktop computer with a black background of a happy family with fair hair and light eyes. There is a mother and father and two sons. They wear light blue clothing that appears to be many years old, perhaps the eighties. They wear largely collared shirts and the woman has a light pink retro dress on like they did in the fifties but it is modernized with dots and emerald jewelry.

That's when I begin to notice that there is also toys spread out all over the attic. There is a white rocking horse, radio cars and a battery powered airplane. Finally, the sun starts to set and I can see this through the window, which peaks out perfectly from the pointed roof. The landscape is an empty hillside with dried up grass and palm trees.

I collect all the important looking stuff, such as musical devices and also the mirror. I put everything into a black backpack that I have, which has red and orange stripes on both sides. From here, I go back down from the attic to show the other people what I have and to see what they have found. It seems like there is no one around for a long and wide area of time. It is eerie and mysterious.

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