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Thursday, May 4th 2017

4:22 PM

Monkey Home

I am in my backyard, under the pines and I notice that there is a huge pile of dried leaves and grasses. All of a sudden, the mound begins to shake and stir and it takes away my breath. I see moist soil crumbling and something digging its way out with tiny brown hands.

A tiny brown monkey makes his way from the debris. He is small, about the size of a Chihuahua dog. He is blind in the left eye because it has a white film over it, so that he cannot see properly. I become afraid and open the glass doors from outside and close them on the inside, to peer at this creature safely.

He seems disappointed, as a familiar look of human sadness overwhelms his face and overcomes him. I am not sure how I know but I think his energy is masculine. I feel my heart sinking in a compassionate feeling and so I make my way back outside to greet him.

He is very nice and cuddles me in a hug. He points to his mound and the container of water nearby and also the trees and greenery in the backyard. He seems to be very excited at this point! I have an overwhelming urge to bring him inside but Paul stops me by the doors.

He tells me he thinks that he knows the people that left the monkey and they are rich and they told his department at Fish and Wildlife that he bites. He bit someone three times, he retells me. So, then I put the monkey back down to go back and follow his advice. I still peer at the monkey and let it live there anyway.

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