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Tuesday, May 9th 2017

8:24 PM

Egg Hunt

It appears that I am at my daycare from my youth in Penryn, California. I am the age of a teenager though, not of a child. I have a giant quilted purse bag underneath my arm and I have a blue bow in my hair.

There is a man with light brown hair that is looking in the grass with me for the eggs. He wears blue jeans, tan boots and a grey sweatshirt. He says that he had already searched in the house, behind a couch and was sure we would find something here.

There is pine trees encircling the whole lawn and so the sunlight hardly creeps in. This leaves a damp feeling on my skin and it is hard to see. Although it is day time, it is almost as dark as the night. 

Finally, I stumble upon a giant eggshell, behind a tree, in the dirt, which appears to be real. It is dark blue and large, a bit bigger than the size of my hands. I break it open and there are large wads of cash inside, which I never take out of the egg, I just hold it close to myself in gratitude.

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