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Wednesday, May 10th 2017

10:36 PM

Playing an Organ

There is a church and it has two rows. One seating area resides upstairs and one that is downstairs. The upstairs resembles a protruding circular shaped balcony, like that in a theatre. It is white marbled and holds red velvet chairs. There are skylights on the roof and windows in complimentary designs throughout.

The downstairs is where I am situated at the stage. The stage is a circular cream colored shape as well, extending from the front of the building. The organ sits outside of the stage but facing the audience. It is magnificent.

The organ is polished black that shines tremendously in the light from the glaring lamps overhead. They appear to be vintage, like that used on an old film set in the forties. It has an angular and simple design, holding up one large light in each corner.

I am sitting at the instrument, on a black polished piano bench, playing a song that is very similar to Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. I play the chords on the bottom and the top row is reserved for the high notes, solos and melody. It feels divine pouring from me. The organ is playing a piano sound.

It is a beautiful feeling and there is a lot of finely dressed people in the audience. They are in modern clothes of an elegant style featuring shiny metallic dresses, necklaces and velvet suited husbands. They wear large hats with feathers and other baubles to add style and personality. They smile to themselves in contentment.

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