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Tuesday, May 30th 2017

1:23 AM

Dad's Car

It is very dark outside and there is a breeze from the chilly fall wind. I can see my dad hunched into my parked car from Deer Lodge, Montana. It is sitting outside of a green wooden fence with natural logs as a barrier. It is a car that he bought me and it had automotive problems.

He is wearing a red puffy coat just like the same color as the Buick. He is basically removing the entire inside of the vehicle and stripping it bare. I can see him but I am not there physically in the same place. I am watching in spirit from the passenger seat.

He has removed everything electronic and taken out all motorized parts. All that is left is the structure of the car, with velvet seats and a black carpeted floor. He is very into what he is doing. The plastic dashboard does not even contain a glove box or other secret compartment. It is all laid out in simplicity and truth.

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