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Tuesday, June 6th 2017

12:38 PM

The Devil in Disguise

There is a man that is dressed in jeans and a dark blue hoodie. He has deep brown skin and speaks a separate language that I don't understand. He is walking about a place that has green rolling hills and a lot of sky.

His wife is an older woman with long brown hair and she is crying and speaking in English that her husband keeps having affairs on her. She is very sad and desperate. I leave her outside of a straw hut, where there is smoke coming through the roof, as if a small cooking fire is on. She holds her head in her hands and cries.

I walk back over the hills and see the man again. He starts speaking another fast language and he is filled with anger. The more he talked, the angrier he would become.

I just stand there, in the hillside, as he starts to calm himself down and then he reaches out his arms and tries to grab me to make a sexual advancement towards me. I slap his hand away in offense. I am utterly appalled.

As soon as I swipe his hand away, he gets the point but then loses interest in communicating with me and we keep walking until we come among another small village in the mud and grass, with straw huts, with pointed tops and a huge fire pit in the center of the small village.

He speaks with a woman with long black hair and flirts with her. I am shocked when I look at him now, as his face is burned and inhuman looking. He has long pointed ears and slimy skin. Obviously no one else can notice this, or they would be shocked. He peers at me and his eyes are black. It's like a glitch and it goes back and forth between his two faces.

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