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Saturday, August 19th 2017

4:08 PM

A Murder Mystery

There is a busy street in the daylight that I am walking down. There are people of all ethnicities and religions on the sidewalks. They stop and make small talk with me as I go. They are very kind and thoughtful. 

The area is heavily trafficked and there is many trees looming overhead. They are of many different varieties, such as cherry, apple and pine, much like where I live in Elk Grove, CA. It brings the birds about, chirping loudly as I go. 

A detective with a pale face and huge muscles begins to walk fast from behind me. It scares me at first because he seems as a random person. He is in all black and he is making an extra effort to catch up to me. He grabs my shoulder and shows me an F.B.I. badge so, I stop and talk to him.

He asks me all sorts of questions about a man that was murdered. I had never heard of or seen this person before so, I was quite perplexed as he seemed to be so sure that I had known him. I politely answer all of his questions and he still seems very sure that I am a part of some murder plot which disturbs me very deeply.

He can't arrest me or anything so he says farewell to me and I keep walking on. A large city bus passes by and the people inside all look out at me, as I am a source of entertainment from where they are standing. They look at me in wonderment and curiosity.

I walk underneath of an olive tree and I look up and admire the beauty. It is very lush and green and brings so much joy to my mind. I reach up, as high as possible and break a large piece of its branch off and smell it and carry it with me, as I turn around to walk back the direction that I came.

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