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Friday, August 25th 2017

12:14 AM

Chain Link Fence

It is so dark that I can barely see but, I can feel. I can sense the sweat on my face and the fresh air. I am outside like at The Great Horror Campout. This is a place where I was a scare actress, as a serial killer and I would frighten people with a baseball bat that liked that sort of thing. 

There was a chain link fence on the one side, to keep the people from going out on the exit, the wrong way. It was like a tunnel, so that they couldn't get lost. It was a mobile one, so you could swing it whatever way you wanted.

Well, I was dreaming that it was set up, all the way to a long stretch, so that I ran all the way to the end and there it was. It went into an alley that was different from the field I was in. So, I jumped up and climbed over it and ran down that street until I saw myself disappear. 

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