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Thursday, September 7th 2017

11:17 AM

Male Black Widow

There is a house which is stable, yet vintage. It is made predominantly of wood and plaster. There are arches in the corner of white paint, of curvy swirls, going horizontal. There are small flecks of paint, coming off in patches, yet the structure is strong.

I am on the third floor of the mansion. It has black hardwood floors and large wide bay view windows. The sun is set and only the starlight is pouring into the room. There are no clouds either. It is a mysterious and beautiful disposition. 

There is a group of little girls, sitting around a large pinewood table. It is highly glossed and Christmas decorations sit all about it. There are red burgundy placemats and candelabras scattered here and there. They are made of gold and silver alternating patterns.

These little girls are wearing long cotton dresses, of a thick mixture. They are pleated at the bottom. The fabrics have patterns of heavy winter floral and wood scenes. They have ribbons in their hair and fancy shoes, which glitz and glitter.

I am as a young girl too but, I am across the room on the floor. I wear a deep purple velvet dress with black embroidering swirls on the front. My hair is shoulder length. A huge male black widow spider runs through and I step on it with my right silver shoe. 

It is so large that it is about the length and width of my shoe. There is blood all over, like a human would bleed, not an animal. I grab it off my shoe to throw it out. No one is even paying attention to me. The other girls have fair hair and eyes and the parents are there with them. My parents seem to be missing.

The adults shuffle us out of the room to bedrooms. Mine is by a high window and I can see outside from it. They hook wires and tiny lamps up to our skin because they say that it keeps us young forever. The one lady said that she wouldn't want us growing up. She also explains that I am 76 years old, even though I look small.

As soon as she leaves the area, I take the wires and lights off of my skin. I crawl out of bed to the door and see if I can spot an exit. There are a lot of nurses about the area and they are very busy. They are wearing white nurse's uniforms from the older days. They have short curly bobs and white loafers with tights, as well. 

At this point, I am very sleepy and so in fact, I just walk back to the bed. I look out the window at the vast nothingness and wonder where I could go. I wonder who I could be, could have been and am going to be. I let myself dream.

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