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Monday, October 2nd 2017

1:29 PM

A Large Concert

I am in a dimly lit theatre. It is an indoor dome shape, with thousands of seats. The audience takes up so much of the room that you cannot see all the faces and bodies in the crowd. It gets darker the further back it goes. The figures become inhuman like, towards the end. It all looks as black shadows.

The lights are a burnt orange color and they gently radiate around the stage. I am on the far right, wearing a long red dress. My hair is half up and down. I am holding a microphone in my hand and no instrument.

I come onto the scene and start to sing a song. The microphone reacts to the amp when I walk past it and makes a gentle humming noise. I wince for a minute but, continue to sing. The song is my own and I sing it so soft, it's almost inaudible. Yet, everyone claps at the end. 

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