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Wednesday, October 4th 2017

6:01 PM

A Hall of Water Globes

A very large building lay out before me in an endless echo, like reflections of a thousand mirrors. There are gigantic black painted wooden shelves, which stretch out for miles, horizontally and vertically. The ceiling cannot be seen.

Along each direction of this structure, is hundreds of thousands of water globes. All of them have black painted wooden bottoms, a clear glass around a small amount of multi colored glitters and variations of sculptures inside. It is a haunting scene of wonderment and cheer.

A lady ghost greets me at the beginning of these passageways. She reminds me of the lady that used to watch over me at a daycare in Lincoln, CA. She has short black hair and is in her fifties. She is cherubic in the face and mind. She leads me through.

We pass many different items, yet they are all the same shape and stature on the outside. We stop after a brief walk at the third to the bottom shelf. She hands me one with a toucan in it. Then, we move along up the next set of pieces and she stops to hand me one from a bit higher. It has a tree frog inside of it.

"Oh, so we are sticking to a rainforest theme." I say this to her, as she keeps walking on, almost transparent into endless walls and airwaves. She never answers me but, her body language speaks that she is listening. She goes on, with her back towards me and we continue. Her gait is slow and faltered, as she has a slight limp in one knee.

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