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Thursday, October 19th 2017

11:38 AM

In Salem Again

I am in a vehicle, sitting in the passenger's seat. It is mid-morning outside and the roads are gently passing by. The asphalt looks blue and grey, with freshly painted white markings on the ground, separating the two opposing sides.

I have my seat laid back to a slight angle and I am wearing my favorite pair of heeled black boots, which now has thorn marks on them from walking through bushes at Ipswich on Castle Hill. They are tied up in a bow.

The driver, who remains unseen, repeats in many symbols and visions onto me, (such as a black font and white sign which reads "The Old Salem"). I see this several times so; it imprints itself into my memory.

We pull up to a house and by the time which we get there, I see it is fast becoming dark already. It is a Victorian mansion, painted Earth brown with black trim about its perimeters. It is beautiful and magnificent.

I step out of the blue truck, which I can see clearer now, onto the pavement. I can feel the sun on my skin but, it feels cold because of the slight breeze, which is flowing gracefully through. I admire the rocky plateau which extends from the depths of an abyss in a circular design about the property.

I open the house with a skeleton key and then I walk up the stairs past a hallway made of wood. I can hear my steps on the floor moving towards a far place. I have a burgundy coat in my hands.

I reach the back of the structure and I retire into the bedroom. There is a small candelabra lit up in the corner, on a desk. It is an electric design, with three bulbs. It's the only soft glow in the room. It burns a reddish orange.

I turn it off and take off all of my clothes and lay in the bed. It has a golden wooden carved spiral headboard, to match with the rest of the opulence around. It has black silk sheets and blankets with red marks in the bed, so much like as if someone had died here before. It is a vision though because when I go to really look at the stain, it is gone and I fall fast asleep.

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