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Saturday, October 28th 2017

12:44 PM

Stealing a Yellow Crab

A tan and spacious classroom sits out before me. It has rows of desks in rising levels, in a half moon shape, facing towards a blackboard. It has to the left, an aquarium filled with yellow crabs, in a serene environment with rocks, sand and rushing water. The water running over the habitat sounds wonderful.

I find myself sitting at a desk, in a plastic chair. It is odd because the longer that I dream, the more the room keeps changing shape. Once the teacher enters the room, it becomes all the tables on three rows facing a different direction, where the walls are right in front of our eyes.

Now in this time, they change from man to woman over several seconds and then back again. Always though, they are wearing glasses. They put their hands up to help explain what they are saying. It is always a gentle and fluid movement.

Next to me is a man with dark hair and black glasses who is helping me try to find the pages in a royal blue textbook. I suddenly realize that I don't even have the right book. Then, I find a piece of paper in black and white that says I have insufficient funds for January and so on, to attend school.

I grab a black sweater and I leave the classroom to go and find another place to sit and think. I see my friend in this hallway; she is saying she wants to hang out. She is younger by probably five years, with long dark hair but, a very cheerful and friendly disposition.

As we are sitting in the backseat of an SUV with a young girl that is her sister, she motions me silently to look towards her. She has a dark blue hoodie up over her pale face. She smiles real big and I notice a small yellow crab making its way from behind her head. It pinches her lip lightly.

I immediately freak out and say she should give it back to the school. Whoever the male driver is, he appears to be the same look as the guy I was sitting next to in class. He turns around in acknowledgment with one look.

I calm down after I let my emotions subside. I ask her does she plan to hurt it and she said no she will bring it back tomorrow. I told her I won't be in class then anymore. She looked analytical and empathetic.

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