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Friday, December 15th 2017

12:13 AM

Airplane in the Jungle

There is a small sized airplane, sitting high atop a wooden ladder, made of tree branches. It does not appear to be very sturdy but, it is earthy and beautiful. It is tall and I must climb it, to board the airplane. I do so with hesitation but, I am away from civilization and want to return home.

A man with a dark appearance, comes from the jungle. He has a wide smile on his face. I can hear exotic birds making noises and also the sound of a few other people boarding. The person helps us all get into our seats. He guides us onboard with ambition. His attitude is positive and cheery.

It features just enough room for about twenty people, although only a few show up. The worker who has helped us into the plane, folds up the ladder and comes to fly it now. He puts on a pilots hat and smiles at us. He dresses in a dark navy blue color. His uniform is crisp and ironed perfectly.

The plane shakes as it unsteadily begins to start up. It is very frightening and I feel uneasy. I sit towards the back of the plane, on the right side and I am trembling as I watch out the window. The seats are grey and humble.

The plane rises slowly, straight up, instead of going forward. It is strange and peculiar but, the driver seems to find it exciting, as he wobbles a stick device, towards the front. There is no wall separating us. It seems as though the engine does not have enough power to start up fast.

We fly above the trees, covered in vines and animals run to and fro, away from the loud noises that we are making. There is an ocean on the right side. It is massive and unpopulated. I feel so insecure and vulnerable, left in the wild, alone. I am hoping that we can make it safely towards our destination, as I feel small and scared.

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