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Tuesday, January 9th 2018

12:53 PM

White Cobra

As I lay in my bed, I can feel something moving around recklessly under the blankets, by my feet. It feels as though it is as tall as I am, maybe taller if it is laying straight. It slithers up against my body and I can feel the skin touching against mine. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a serpent.

The lucid dream state which I am in is more solid on the physical realm. I am in my actual bedroom, laying there when I am feeling these things. I know immediately this is something that has come from the dream world and so I try hard to remember what was just happening. I don't think of the dream I was having.

However, I still see the blankets moving and I start to panic and wake up. The creature is now in the waking world and I toss the covers to the left side of me. I am shouting because I am so confused. Out comes a white cobra with sky blue eyes. It stands very tall above me but, disappears as my husband opens the door, curious about all the strange noises.

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