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Sunday, January 14th 2018

8:34 PM

White Eucalyptus

The city I live in is called Elk Grove. There is a bunch of eucalyptus by the wetlands. They are green and blue colored. The leaves are shimmery in the sunlight when the dew settles on them.

So, as I am walking through my home in this reality, I notice there is one that is with white leaves. It has no bugs on it, no bites and no marks. It is pure and uscathed. The light twinkles through the treetops to touch it's surface. It glows with a gorgeous energy that radiates to connect with my soul.

The tree is right by the road and so there is alot of traffic. I hear the cars and snap back to realize all the other details. I have something on my back, which I reach behind myself to grab onto.

The object is a crystal clear skull water bottle, which is connected to a strap behind me. I drink out of it and also push the essence of the tree into it. It tastes so lovely and I remember thinking that I am drinking mana of the spirit.

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