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Monday, January 15th 2018

12:49 PM

Dancing with Nature

A very large oak tree reaches down with its branches to pick me off of the ground. It is windy so, the movement is disguised in the wind. I jump into the air like I am dancing and fall to the ground on my feet again. My body guides me to weave to and fro as the other branches lean over and touch me around the waist, also pushing me forward.

When I start to glide so fast that I cannot slow my movements, I realize that I have hopped onto my lavender colored bike that I also own in the waking world. With each movement, I go faster and faster. Then, I ride all the way to the end of the street.

When I come back by the tree, I do start to slow down because there is kids playing with all kinds of toys on the road and sidewalk. I do not want to hit them as I move past in close proximity.Yet, I continue to dance with nature in sheer joy.

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