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Monday, January 29th 2018

12:32 AM

Unbreakable Plates

A restaurant sits on a busy street. Loud noises of a bustling day surface from the area. People are chatting, voices mumbling over one another and servers are taking orders down. From outside, I can hear many footsteps pass by and dishes clanging together. I enter the doorway, which is painted a cobalt hue and make my way towards the back area. There are black iron tables everywhere. A single red rose sits in a crystal vase on each altar, along with a white candlestick, dripping down from old wine bottles.

Stepping through this part of the room, I find myself in the kitchen. There are two people back here. One is a woman and one is a man. They are both dressed in white shirts and black pants, with a rag in the back of each pocket. They both are wearing blue and white vertically striped aprons. The woman has long curly brown hair with green eyes and the man has dark hair and eyes. They are laughing hysterically.

No one seems to notice my presence in the room, so I assume that I am unseen. I stand in front of a wall, which has white paint with black font all over it. All of a sudden, a white plate with beige circular stripes comes rushing at my face. They are throwing the dishes into the wall and then becoming joyously amused because they are not breaking. I move past them and stack up the magical dining sets into a big burlap sack and then go towards the bathroom.

The bathroom is past the kitchen and through a hallway, which is carpeted and painted beige. There is a floral painting on the wall, of dark earthy colors. I make my way inside the restroom, where all of a sudden I can hear more commotion outside. I am washing my hands in a metal sink, looking in a mirror when I hear policeman bustling by, saying they are looking for me.

I am surprised because it seemed like no one knew who I was, yet here they come, apparently with a warrant for my arrest.I am getting very anxious in the bathroom and I place the bag of dishes behind the toilet and sit and wait to listen until they go past into the kitchen. As soon as I hear this, I make my way to the back exit and leave.

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