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Monday, February 5th 2018

12:24 AM

Wild Tarantula

A couch covered in a metallic gold paint, sprawls flat and wide alongside the walls of a redone basement. It has pillows on it which are covered in chainmail and rectangular shaped. The wall is painted a creamy coppery white tone. There is a table built into the wall that is slim. It sits across the top of the couch. The board is copper painted wood. On this lays a few books, green and silver tones. Then, at the top is a red painted vase shaped basket with tiny holes in the design.

My feet are in the air and I have on white socks and black silk pajama pants. My head is resting in the arm of the couch but, I can feel how my feet are entwined with another person with a male energy on the other side. I do not see this person. It does not seem to be someone that I know.

As I start to peek open my eyes I sit silently in fear as I see a tarantula's leg wiggling out slowly from the holes in the basket. The bottoms of its feet are dipped in gold and a bright red color patterns in between a tone of deep brown. I can smell forest everywhere in my dream like wet pine and Earth mixed with cedar when it emerges.

I study for a moment and then I start to lightly kick my partner. I don't wake him up too much but, just enough for him to start becoming aware. By then, the spider has completely escaped and it is very large. Its body is chocolate colored.It is at least a foot wide and tall. It is so beautiful and powerful and we stare at each other until it backs away and disappears into the house somewhere.

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