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Thursday, March 1st 2018

10:53 PM

The Healing Circle

The hospital that is closest to my home is Kaiser Permanente. That is where I go for all of my doctor's appointments. Lately I have been feeling very ill. So, in my dreams, I find that I am here.

The walls are white. Everywhere that you look is that tone. This is all except for the d├ęcor. The hallways are filled with a lot of staff. They also choose to wear this color. I am holding hands in a circle on the bottom floor. The only other color standing out to me is a purple shirt worn underneath the white coat of a person standing next to me.

There are about ten people in a circular row. We are praying and then we are singing angelic chants. The messages of the vibrations are meant for us to send and receive important visions towards each other. I feel the sense of purpose and healing take hold over me.

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