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Monday, March 5th 2018

12:02 PM

Singing With The Crowd

There is a worship center in which I am in the audience. I am sitting about five rows back from the front of the room, which is the stage area. The row I am in is on the very right of the room, where there is about ten other people seated close by. The pattern gets larger towards the middle and fades out on the other side in an un-shapen balance.

The floors and stage and walls are all shades of blue. They do not match each other but, do make a dark pastel tone. There is an orange diamond line on the floor, which is empty inside and span the surface about six inches high, each one, very close to the rest, always touching.

There is a person in each aisle, on the outside with a microphone in hand. They are each wearing cobalt blue suits with black ties and a white collared shirt underneath. They are interacting with the crowd and the people towards the front of the room.

The people from the crowd are told to go up towards the band, which sits at the very left side. The usher next to my aisle keeps asking who wants to go sing onstage. Everyone is excitedly raising their hands. I want to go up there very badly but, I go unnoticed. In fact, towards the very end, there is approximately 80% of the audience up stage.

I become so disappointed. He speaks next to me into the microphone saying, "Who knows the notes to heal the children?"

I said, "I do!" yet, he still ignores me. He keeps on asking questions in this manner, trying to test who has the greatest skill and talent to heal. Unfortunately, I become so broken hearted that I leave the building through the back doors; meanwhile everyone else is filled with joy.

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