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Saturday, March 10th 2018

9:47 PM

The Gentleman

There is a house which has many separate rooms. I find myself standing in a bedroom. The bed takes up much of the room. It has a tan electric blanket on top. The white sheets are crisp and turned into the mattress perfectly. I am standing to the left of the bed, where there is a window which, long drapery curtains cover.

There is leather luggage right here. There is one suitcase and two bags of different sizes. On top of the suitcase is a pressed white shirt which is made of starched cotton and has diamond cuffs. It is a man's shirt. It is wrapped around the handle.

I reach into one of the bags. It unclasps and unzips like a large purse. It is a deep cherry brown color. I grab onto a painting, which is 5 inches by 7. It is of water and waves. There is an oval window, decorated in golden clouds, simplicial and perfect. The black background is black and shimmers.

A woman walks into the room. She has long light hair in a French twist. She wears a gray suit and cream blouse beneath the jacket. She has a black ribbon bow tie. She carries herself like a robot. She does not read with much energy. I approach her and then slap her several times.

She leads me out of the room and into a corridor which stretches for over a mile. I finally reach the destination, which is a store with wooden floors. It is a variety shop and there is everything from discount fashion to snacks and hardware. I pick up a pastel suede pink purse with a long ribbon and metal strap. I set it back on the hook and look at blonde hair extensions.

I keep reaching into my pocket to count my money. It is about 80$. I look at the price and it is similar, so I go on through the rest of the area to the other side. The strange thing about this place is that there are dogs lying about everywhere. They are alive and of several breeds. I find a small brown wiener dog in a box with folders for sale and fall in love.

The whole time that this is happening, there is a porcelain skinned gentleman with dark blonde hair and green eyes, in a black suit following me. He watches everything I do. He never speaks and keeps a far distance. He seems to have a look of concern and love on his face. Sometimes he leads me and sometimes he follows.

When I step outside the building into the street, I notice that it has a store front and is on a street like a downtown historic city. It has a rural feel yet also sophisticated. A silver car whizzes past and I follow the man down the road.

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