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Friday, April 27th 2018

9:53 PM

Squashing A Black Spider

The sunshine feels as it should for the springtime air. It lies down upon my shoulders as I walk the city sidewalk to a corner street, where a business building stands high. I look up towards the sky at the letters on the front. They are gold and in all capital font. It reads, "Sacramento Kings Museum."

Walking towards the entrance, I find the glass doors blocked by a light haired woman, struggling to get up and move. She is wearing a lace white flowing gown. She looks confused and lost. She moves out of the way by crawling on her hands.
I move on past her into the place.

There is stairs that are short gray carpet and they reach up in a long and ascending way. They have silver bars on the side and are free from any flooring in between the levels. I go to the check in point and speak with the person working there and give them some money.

I first go up the stairs, because they are drawing me in. I find a room that is all marked off with red velvet ropes and the wind is blowing through. It looks like an antique children's size day bed with wooden railings. There is also a study desk and brown teddy bear. It is all dark and an invisible ghost hides in the corner. It blows air at me, forcing me away.

So, then I move on to the downstairs. There are shelves with basketball memorabilia and trophies under glass. They are in gold and silver metals and signatures in black. I see something which interests me more from the side of the room, which is an open door to the outside.

There is a canal that has yellow and brown baby geese coming out of a broken wooden log. It appears to be many and their parents are close by, across the stream and they are flapping their wings and making loud noises to scare me as the babies try to approach me.

On one side of the cement border, which separates the water and path, is a broken divider and I can see two large tarantulas inside of it. One is red and brown and the other is larger and black with orange.

I go back inside to the front room. There is a large black widow running from across the floor to my feet and I immediately stomp on it. I pick up my feet to study it and it is only squished, with no blood or guts. I kick it off of my shoe and I leave the museum.

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