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Monday, June 4th 2018

8:23 PM

Outside in a Hammock

Rolling hills span far and wide across the distant valley. They are lush and green, lavishly decorated with stars. The night sky folds down, like a blanket upon the Earth. It reaches out to her, like a mother to a child.

Beneath my feet, I can feel the damp soil take rest between my bare toes. Together we form a motion, which propels us forward in a run. My nude body is fully exposed to the world, yet I can see only one person far side in the distance.

It is a man with red hair and a brown trench coat. He walks fast and goes into a path, which is far opposite of my position. He doesn't seem to be bothered by me.

The night has begun to darken and a seeping stream of water is flowing like a cool ice, bathed beneath my body. It is like a cleansing. So, then I fall down upon a colorful hammock, which is dripping with wetness and flowing water and lay beneath the moon. Fallen into a deep sleep, with the sound of water to sing to me, while the wind rocks me into a fetal position, where I remain until I am birthed into another day.

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