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Saturday, June 16th 2018

9:55 AM

Elephant Tattoos

A clear divide is set into the air. My soul meets my body in a room of my house. It is my photography studio. I am staring into the mirrors, which are doors to my closet.

I can see distinctly two elephant tattoos. One is on my upper right arm, near my shoulder and the other is the left. They are drawn from one single continuous line, which does not break or separate, except from one another. They outline the shape from the inside of the animal a few times, in order to indicate an energy within and without.The ink is dark blue and pretty fresh.

Also, there is more tattoos across my chest and collarbone. A heart, drawn in the same style and fashion, is portrayed as the center. It leads me to think about my great grandmother, who used to send me heart and elephant trinkets.

The other symbols seem of very little importance to me, as they do not stand out and I cannot remember them completely. I remember thinking it was very shocking at first glance. Anyways, that's what was coming through myself into my dreams.

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