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Saturday, July 7th 2018

10:23 AM

Dinosaurs in China

My energy is flying over a soil field, with green trees pointing tall and waxy in the sun. There is ivy growing all over it, spiraling upwards. A yellow straw hat pokes out from the top of a figure in flowing cobalt pants and a white shirt of a similar structure. The breeze plays with the strings tying them onto his head.

I land on the Earth next to him as a spirit. He is uncovering the soil with a spade and turning up different bones. They are fragments of larger pieces, which I could see in the gray cliff sides on my descent downwards. A male voice speaks in a disembodied reflection of my mind. It says that there is many dinosaurs in China, which have not been discovered yet.

The man, who is digging, has a basket next to his left side. It is made of a similar tone as the hat. He gets up and walks away, leaving tons of stuff there, abandoned in the wilderness. The angelic sound speaks again, "They will leave them there, forever... turning into stone..."

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