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Wednesday, August 1st 2018

10:04 PM

A Glowing Ring

Inside of an indoor flea market, resides wooden crates of fruits and flowers. There are tents above each section made of a canvas fabric. The tones are earthy and tree knots show through in dark patches against a light wooden background.

I am in the center of the store and standing over a box filled with leis, like floral necklaces from Hawaii, only they were marijuana leaves, that were only buds and not flowers. I put it on and it is long, about to my belly button. A feeling of love overwhelms me.

My eyes close and I breathe in the scent. When I open them again, I find myself in the darkness. The scent of a freshly watered lawn and the sound of crickets buzzing fills the air. There is a two story house with it's windows glowing from indoor lighting. It is made of a golden toned wood, which has a high gloss paint of a log cabin feel. I notice a ring light glowing through the attic window, beneath the center of a pointed green roof.

It casts a spell upon me and I start to have visions as I look into the light. I can see the future in a large city filled with tall skyscrapers and neon lights. I see from above, as if I am flying...

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