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Wednesday, August 8th 2018

9:01 PM

The Stairway to Heaven

It is a dark universe, fallen out like spilled glitter, illuminated by moonlight and glowing lifeforms. Their faces are like the stars, the north star and other very large ones. I cannot look directly, as they turn to watch me.

I find myself cross legged, in a dress like one that Alice from Alice in Wonderland wears with the undergarments as well. It is a textured blue fluffy color style with a black ribbon tied around my waist. I am wearing white knee highs with glossy black buckle flats.

I get up as the star reaches his hand down to lift me onto the stairs. Another star hands me a black briefcase with a large lock and key, which he places into my pocket. They push me along the invisible steps, until I reach the top.

A door in the universe stands before me. It is invisible but, a light from another dimension is shining through, so that I know it is there. Pink stars shine very brightly and I can see Andromeda on my left side. I walk into the portal and everything disappears.

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