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Friday, August 31st 2018

9:57 PM

In A Landslide

Muddy and mossy terrain unfolds before my eyes. There are steep cliffs and mountainsides which lead to one direction. As I follow the path laid out before me by nature, I stop at a trailer wedged in a hole in the top of the way. Paul is with me.

We climb into the trailer. It resembles one that I lived in as a small child. It has false wooden paper thin walls and aluminum roofing. The place is empty of furniture but there are decorations of a native American nature on the walls.

I look out of the wide windows, which are closed but, I can see through them. There is a bit of snow on the tops of the mountains and I can see the mud starting to slide. I start to freak out and yell that we have to get out before we fall.

It's too late. The trailer descends like thirty five feet down and topples over onto one side. We are safe and ok but, I notice the ghost of a blonde haired nine year old boy with a white death gown on following us around. We crawl out of the window, which now is the top of the building.

We crawl out of the hole and then all the way back to the top of the cliff from the backside. Then, we go back down again to the other side to go back to the beginning of the land. We find ourselves back at where we started.

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