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Thursday, September 13th 2018

8:42 PM

Three Tarantulas

In another dimension is a desert land. It is divided by a gigantic red agate, with different color variations of cream, brown and orange in altercating long rings. Thin strands of black define each layer in multi layer patterns.

On both sides is a floor of rustic tan brick and clay tiles. They are smooth and polished surfaces. There is an aquarium with one large female black tarantula with extra long legs. She dances across a terrarium that mimics the outer world. There is two smaller male tarantulas. One is the red knee and the other is blue. They do not eat each other due to some sort of protection barrier around the invisible case.

On the other side, I can peer at this through the openings in the wall. The sky is turning red and orange with the sunset and the night is approaching quick. I get a message on my cell phone from my children but, the alert notifies me that I used up all my data for the month.

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