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Tuesday, September 25th 2018

1:28 PM

Urduk Calling

There is a deep hole in a muddy terrain. It is an overturned bunker of some sort. It remains on it's side. The paint inside is cream colored and the floors and walls are of some material such as hardened mud.

Even though I am in common clothing, of jeans and a t-shirt, it still seems to be a military or government overtone to this situation. There is a medium dark skinned man with dark hair that is crawling on the walls and he comes to me. He has some sort of slime putty in his hand which he spreads out to reveal text, from a newspaper imprint. The words are unfamiliar to me. He says to me he is staying in what he calls a prison and I open the door, which is on the top of the structure and climb out.

When I get out, I am greeted by many village people. They seem to be a Celtic group, as they portray messages to me of visions and patterns of plaid kilts, leather bags and furry robes with wolf skins.

They look so happy and intrigued to see me. They send a person to go get a man that they call Urduth to see me. I can hear them speaking that this man wants to marry me. I see him coming from over a bridge and walkways of thatched circular houses made of straws and mud, sitting in the water.

He takes my hand but, then he falls over on his side. He is a very large and obese man. He is very strong though, in his size. He wears a deep red, black and forest green plaid kilt with a black leather cross body bag, with white rabbit furs dangling over the silver chain embellishments on the flap. He has a long blond beard and reddish blonde hair with brown eyes.

I try my best to help him up and he speaks the words that I need to meet Urth, who is a goddess. He finally gains his composure and guides me back down to the bunker that I arrived with. He wishes me all the best and says that our words will crossover in time.

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