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Wednesday, October 10th 2018

6:07 PM

An Abundant Ocean

As I was reading tarot cards today, I had pulled the six of swords, which represents a necessary rite of passage. The card has different images, depending on artistic interpretation but, traditionally displays a forlorn person on a small boat, unwillingly moving into the future.

So, I found myself dreaming of this card. It had come to life. The boat was the same one, riding the waves in the ocean. I was on it with my husband and we were looking over the edge and I was so shocked! The ocean was overfilled with sea life and creatures. There were beings that I have never even thought of before.

There was a serpent, made of flower petals like a green carnation, swimming over the heads of sea urchins, exotic fish, dolphins, whales, crabs and anything else you can imagine. I could feel the hot sun on me and I realized that they were at the surface to feel the beauty too.

We were fascinated and joyously screaming in delight. The animals were so gorgeous that you couldn't even look away because you would spot something new everywhere you looked. I reached out to touch one that looked like a red corral plant and then an angel by my side said not to because they are poisonous. So, I kept my hands inside.

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