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Thursday, October 11th 2018

1:01 PM

Baptised in Love

Around the corner of a field with wheat and straw, is a ceremony taking place. I come to realize that it is my husband and I that are the main attraction. I see him in the distance by the water.

He is wearing all white and there is a young man with white hair, pouring a bamboo bowl of water over his head and blessing him. It is night outside, so when the moisture starts to spill over him, it looks as though it is silver in the starlight. They lift their arms and heads to the sky and pray to God to cleanse their souls and honor them.

When the ritual is over, the sun starts to rise in the distance. The sky is alight with colors of our center star sun, a glowing ember. As it travels, it comes to a point where I find myself looking head on with it. I am dressed in an all white robe, of an Egyptian style and material. My hair is wavy, blonde and long to my knees. There is a braid that goes from the top of my head and curls, trailing and spiraling all the way down with blue roses and baby's breath flower tucked in neatly around the roping.

I am standing with sandals of the same fabrics, on a rug of the same material and design. It is white with red hearts and roses, in a mandala patterning. There is a man in front of me and two more behind, who are holding the bottom of my clothes. They are going to lead me into the water next...

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