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Sunday, October 14th 2018

6:53 PM

Candle in the Woods

In the woods, is a carved out dirt passageway. It leads to a pine cabin, with pine trees all around the diameter of the property. It is thick with nature all around. Wildlife dart through the trees. Birds sing.

The moon starts to rise and the deer run off like shadows in an abyss, growing taller and fading into another dimension. I light a dark green candle in the middle of the home, from the fireplace, which is burning very brightly.

I leave the cabin in black hiking boots and a puffy deep blue jacket. My hair is tied up into a ponytail. It is blonde and brown. I am also wearing black mittens.

I go forth into the forest and I find a clearing, where the trees do not touch in a circle. I leave the candle upon a grey stone rock and then I leave, from the other direction, farther into the darkness.

I start to panic, the further away that I go, thinking that a fire could break out. So, as I enter my home again, from this path, I immediately set out the first way, to go check on the flame once more.

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