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Friday, November 2nd 2018

4:43 PM

A Giant Catfish

The sun is shining very bright and warm and it feels so divine. I can feel it playing on my skin and feeding me vitamins and spiritual mana. I am wearing a black tank top and blue jeans with a red plaid shirt wrapped around my waist.

My dog is by my side but, he is not wearing a leash. He is walking around a boat deck with me and we are going around the perimeter of a white ship. It is very large and clean. It shimmers with glory.

He is a yellow dog with curly hair and short legs. He walks to the waters edge and so then I rush over to protect him. We both notice at the same time that there is a giant catfish, the size of me literally swimming on top of the crystal clear water. I am worried about why he is at the surface but, also push my dog back as well.

The catfish is magnificent in the sunlight. Bright flashes of greens, pinks and blues dance on its scales. The fish moves very slowly as though it may be very old but, it's eyes are screaming with intelligence and magic.

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