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Friday, November 16th 2018

12:45 PM

Worm Head

Nostradamus is in my dream. He is depicted as he looks on the face of my tarot cards book. He is writing his prophecies. As I integrate into his dark room, I focus on the flames of tall black candles, pouring wax and cause them to flicker.

He turns around startled and realizes who I am and looks at me with a deep understanding. He lights a thick dark brown candle and says he is summoning Earth magicks. He commands me to stare into the light.

I stare into the flame and I begin to sweat and get very hot. I start feeling a throbbing sensation on the left side of my forehead. I start freaking out as a small brown centipede emerges from my brain. I start trying to pull it out but, he puts my hands down and does it hiself.

It curls up a bit as he removes it. It comes straight through me but, leaves no mark on my skin. It has a bit of blood about it. He throws it down onto the ground and it looks healthy than and starts crawling away.

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