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Tuesday, September 29th 2020

3:34 PM

A Bouquet of Black Roses

The dresser by where I sleep suddenly becomes four times as large as it is in the waking world. It is white, but the colors in this reality are brighter, fresher and more vibrant. I see myself opening the drawers and searching through to see what items are inside.

Each drawer that I go through becomes bigger each time I search inside. They physics do not match up to the reality of the situation. In one, I can even see into a different time and place, above a family in their front yard, raking leaves in the fall.

In the middle drawer, I can see clients to my paranormal business and they are in their homes. The ghosts are there with them and everyone is whispering. I pull out a very jumbo bouquet of black roses, sitting in a large plain crystal vase.

The flowers are so pretty and the closer I look, I can't tell if they are real, but they also seem to be woven together with silk. It feels like a present from the ghosts I helped and I hear them saying, "thank you."

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