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Monday, October 5th 2020

11:45 AM

Glass Dresser

In my parents house, there sits a bedroom upstairs where I sleep. It is the room to the farthest right and a large glass rectangular window faces towards the eastern sun. There are no curtains on the window.

By the glass is the most beautiful dresser in the world. Every part of it is made of a crystal like mirror material. It is completely covered in these butterflies of the same material, which are made to mimic a real butterfly, so that they sit apart from the dresser, looking like they are real crystal butterflies which have landed on the dresser. Every part is covered, so that there are hundreds of them.

The dresser sits up against the wall to the north corner by the glass window. The room is dimly lit, so that the whole dresser catches any light and just shimmers continuously, as if they are in eternal motion.

I become very possessive of the dresser, so much so that anyone who tries to touch it or even spend too much time to look at it- I drive away. My sister tries to touch it with her boyfriend and I shoo them out of the room.

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