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Saturday, March 4th 2017

10:38 AM

Donald Trump Dream

I am outside, riding my purple bike on an asphalt road, in the sunlight. There is a college with a patch of grass by the parking lot. As I am riding near, a black car with blacked out windows, pulls up.

The window rolls down and it is Donald Trump, as the president. He is wearing a gray suit and red tie. He has a white collared shirt, popping above his jacket. The expression on his face is that of extreme exhaustion. 

He says hello and he is waiting for someone. So, I start telling him stories of the dreams that I had of him, recently. I told him I dreamed he was picking yellow daffodils, which symbolizes purity. I also dream of him in sunlight doing this, which symbolizes greatness and celestial blessings. I can feel a great understanding coming from him. His energy is angelic.

After I told him these things, he gets out of the car and his suit changes to a black color. He asks me more about my life and I told him pieces about my childhood; like being in foster care, feeling abandoned, being in the hospital and happy times too, like ghost hunting and dreaming.

I can feel how he is energized by the spirit of dreams and he gets back in his car, as a man in a blue suit appears.The driver follows him alongside me, as I bike. I am going so fast, I race far ahead of his car until finally, the driver speeds up so fast, the car shoots away at incredible speeds. 

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