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Monday, March 27th 2017

4:11 PM


I am sitting in a wooden chair in someone's kitchen. The kitchen has dark blue tile floors and a white countertop table, which I am sitting at. Behind me is a white refrigerator.

When I go to check the fridge for a drink, I notice someone sitting in front of it. He says that he is in the band Aerosmith, he is the musician Steven Tyler and I get really excited. 

I hand him my business card and it has some kind of handwriting in red pen, on the back. He is very polite and accepts it, although I think he will not call.

I talk to him for a long time and then he leaves the house to go. I get really happy and I collect a black purse and blue coat and depart too. 

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Wednesday, March 22nd 2017

2:45 PM

The Night Ride

There is a high mountain, which is standing tall in the night sky. It is a reddish brown one, with a flat top, signaling to me that I am in a desert. I walk to the top of this place and look around. There is stars glowing softly everywhere and a woman awaits me.

She has red hair and is very beautiful. The hair is long and her eyes are a brown color. She tells me that she is the guide. She waves her hands towards the air and a Ferris wheel type of ride pops down from the sky.

There are little colorful capsules, cycling like this carnival ride. There are riders in each vessel, who are traveling in a round pattern, yet it is not planted into one spot.

As I get on the ride, I realize that the ride is spinning and going across the whole sky. Lights and colors are painted like the aurora borealis, through the darkness. My capsule is very circular and bubbly looking. To return, one must simply will it. 

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Sunday, March 19th 2017

11:26 AM

Hot Sun

I am outside in a parking lot, which is full with cars. The asphalt is simmering and I am sitting inside of Paul's Kia. The window is rolled down and I am wearing a blue short sleeve shirt. 

As I am sitting in the car, I am reading a digital thermometer. It says that it is eighty degrees, yet for some reason the sun feels so much hotter than that. 

I become anxious, as I start to think about the summer coming up, because the season has not yet changed. I begin to worry about the sun becoming way too hot in the upcoming days.

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Wednesday, March 15th 2017

2:20 PM

Rainbow Eyes

I see a black cat that is very healthy and its tail is in the air, moving playfully. It is up close to me and looking into my soul. It seems very interested in me.

Yet, as I get closer to the animal, I realize that it is more incredible than it seems. The cat's eyes keep changing colors, very slowly, all of a rainbow. It is very serene and beautiful. 

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Saturday, March 11th 2017

10:56 PM

Sapphire Crystal Skull

There is a house with very tall walls and a high ceiling. Inside the space, it is varying shades of lighting. In the corners, it is dark. In the middle places, there is brightness.

There is a Native American woman at a kitchen table. The table and wood cabinets of the home are all made of lightened pine wood. She sits in the center with tarot cards, gemstones and seashells. 

She has long silky black hair. It is straight and reaches to her waist. She is shuffling a prism fortune teller deck, within her coffee colored hands. She has black beautiful eyes.

I sit down at the table, across from her and she begins to lay down the cards. All I see is death and I ask her to please stop. She obliges and calmly pushes a small silver meteor stone and blue sapphire crystal skull, the size of my palm, with a elongated jaw, which protrudes in an unnatural manner, from the bottom.

She puts the cards down and speaks; "The curse is lifted then..." She motions to take, as she causes me to collect the items into my hands and go.

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Thursday, March 9th 2017

1:01 PM

My Pet Slug

I am carrying around a clear and long plastic bag. I am in mud boots and I have on blue jeans and a white t-shirt. The sun is setting very slowly, towards the right of me, where there is muddy hills and black pine trees. Also, a red river, running through the sky.

Inside of the bag, there is a huge coffee colored slug. He is a big size for the type. I hold him gently, as if he belongs to me. I keep calling him Charles. I touch him with my hands and he feels like cold and damp leather.

We walk around the mud together and past a natural pool of water, where there are toads singing their songs. The water is the same deep blue as the night. It is peaceful. It is serene. 

When it is time to go, I call for Charles the slug and he slowly slides into the plastic bag, which I am holding preciously, in my hands. It is like he is understanding me. 

I can feel like I have alot of love for this creature. There is a very strong energetic connection and the slug seems to obey all of my protective and caring commands. He has a beautiful soul.

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Sunday, March 5th 2017

6:44 PM

Ceiling Melting

I am sleeping in the bedroom of a two story house. It appears to be a King size bed with black blankets and white pillows. I have my hair up in a ponytail, snuggled into the comforter.

As I am dreaming, I feel pieces of wet gunk, dropping onto my face. I wake up and feel the slimy plaster. I look close at the white mixture, which is all over the place. It is coming from above me still, as I wake.

I realize that it is the ceiling, which is melting. I can see large holes, growing bigger by the moment, dissolving and falling down slowly.

There is water that is dripping down too. It is because the room above me is a bathroom. I can see the shower and it has a blue transparent curtain around it. The tiles are very white and fresh on the surface of the walls.

There are men that come over with ladders and they climb up and analyze the situation. They seem very perplexed and amazed. They try to fix everything. They have tools in their hands, like paint brushes and trowels. 

I don't seem that upset, so I go to bed every night and every day, they come back to work on it, until it's done. I am very calm, peaceful and serene, throughout the process.

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Saturday, March 4th 2017

10:38 AM

Donald Trump Dream

I am outside, riding my purple bike on an asphalt road, in the sunlight. There is a college with a patch of grass by the parking lot. As I am riding near, a black car with blacked out windows, pulls up.

The window rolls down and it is Donald Trump, as the president. He is wearing a gray suit and red tie. He has a white collared shirt, popping above his jacket. The expression on his face is that of extreme exhaustion. 

He says hello and he is waiting for someone. So, I start telling him stories of the dreams that I had of him, recently. I told him I dreamed he was picking yellow daffodils, which symbolizes purity. I also dream of him in sunlight doing this, which symbolizes greatness and celestial blessings. I can feel a great understanding coming from him. His energy is angelic.

After I told him these things, he gets out of the car and his suit changes to a black color. He asks me more about my life and I told him pieces about my childhood; like being in foster care, feeling abandoned, being in the hospital and happy times too, like ghost hunting and dreaming.

I can feel how he is energized by the spirit of dreams and he gets back in his car, as a man in a blue suit appears.The driver follows him alongside me, as I bike. I am going so fast, I race far ahead of his car until finally, the driver speeds up so fast, the car shoots away at incredible speeds. 

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Friday, March 3rd 2017

12:43 PM

The Dragon Balloon

I am in many places at once. The time may be unstable because I am shown these different circumstances, as if I am many different parts of myself, existing separately as fragments of memories. 

There is a house, which appears to belong to my mother's family, as I can read imprints in the wood and walls and know them. I am in an upstairs room, with only a blue blanketed, iron frame day bed, white dresser and a bronze, glass top, lamp. It is the attic because the ceiling is slanted in.  

In the center front of the room is a window that is a circular octagon shape. I find myself drawn to it and I slowly walk into the energy field. 

The outside is a gigantic mass of grass. There is sunlight and a small breeze. The breeze picks up a large balloon in the wind. It is an asian style dragon, which is floating up, gently in the air. 

I giggle as I realize that I am actually on top of the dragon balloon, riding inside of a basket. However, the body of the beast lay beneath my feet. My hair is black, as I appear to be a child, riding nobly. 

I hear a knocking next, outside of my door, which causes me to turn and notice. It is a wooden door, painted the colors of the balloon, yet darker; royal blue, orange, yellow, white and red, all slashed about in diagonal designs. 

I do not answer but, I hear myself speaking. I am on the other side, trying to give a message. I listen to shoes on the floor, pacing loudly. The noise is mumbled into soft words, without a translation. I have too much fear and cannot unlock the portal, to let myself in, to clear this up.

I stay in this room, walking about and touching the walls, trying to understand what is happening. I can't think straight so, I go back to the window again.

The sun is set and there is a round and soft full moon staring back at me. I see myself again, climbing a brown ladder to the lunar surface. I am climbing up, very carefully. I am in an adult stage now, with long blonde hair, catching fire in the wind and dancing about the breeze.

As the moon creeps in, upon my face, there is me again, knocking. The words come out loud and strong but, it is another language, which sounds like slow rain, dripping on metal. It is drawn out and sharp, yet serene too. 

The energy saturates in the room and then it becomes clear. The woman's speech comes to me, as a soft voice creeps into my ears, which speaks and the truth emerges; "The moon does not lie, where it appears..."

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Wednesday, March 1st 2017

11:24 AM

Puppies at the Park

There is a park and it has grass all over the ground. There is a silver metal spinning device, which you stand on, holding a bar and someone spins you, for fun.

I set about 100 black puppies on the thing and slowly spin them. The puppies seem very young and do not care much for this activity, as several of them jump off. 

I continue to play with the puppies at the park. I feed some of them peanut butter, which I also hook wires up to and make clocks from.

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Sunday, February 26th 2017

9:12 PM

Zombie House

I am living in a mobile home. The mobile home is on top of a dirt hole, with a wooden bridge foundation. The sides are a silver colored metal and the paint is a light blue.

I am in the mobile home and it is very narrow and small. It is filled up with boxes of random things. There is food in some and non-food in others. 

I keep hearing the door banging from the kitchen. There are about three different doors in this place. I go to the door and I hold up against it, pushing furniture into place. 

There is zombies trying to get inside of the mobile home and they are flailing their arms in the cracks of the doors. There is men and women, trying to get inside to take my life force from me. 

Every sunrise and sunset, I repeat this process, in different parts of the home. The zombies never get in but, they always pound and bang on the doors, as they try to enter.

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Wednesday, February 22nd 2017

11:29 AM

Cult Associations

In the beginning of the dream, I am at Stonehenge and there is a few others about, in black robes. I am too. I approach one of the persons in the black robe, in the dark and he removes his hood. It is Jeremy Garner, Unicole Unicron's husband. He is speaking in a low voice a greeting and then I notice Unicole standing there as well. They are holding each other's hands and walking in circles, near the rocks. She says something really nice to me and it makes me really happy. I think it is a beautiful greeting too.

Then, she lifts her hood off and she is in a white dress with lace everywhere. She has a veil on and it reaches to the ground and there is real red flowers falling off of it. On top of the veil, is a plain gold queen's crown and she walks off, holding hands with her husband. I lean back and disappear into another moment.

I am walking around in a house, that is furnished as someone's home. It is dimly lit, sky blue paint on the walls and too much furniture, for such a small space. I see my family is there but, they can also be anyone's family, as they are fluid.

All of a sudden, I hear the doorbell ring and my family goes to the door. They are all looking at me in anticipation, as if it is about me. My younger sister, stepmom and father step aside to let in a guest.

Morgan Freeman walks in the house and he is wearing a gray suit with a blue tie. He asks me to show him around the house and I do.

When we are walking, he is asking about my mother, who is homeless and other various aspects of my life. He asks me about religion and my hands start warming up, very hot. 

Everywhere my hands go, objects start lifting into the air and things are shaking. He notices and starts to tell me it is demons of Satan. I said that I don't believe in religions like Christianity and I am tired of people trying to force me into that cult, which is the way I was picked on by my parents, my whole life, even when I said I don't want that.

I got so overwhelmed that I ran from the house and I kept going, until I reached a place, that reminds me of a college I toured before. There is cement everywhere, I can feel the sun and I feel comfortable here. 

I land on top of a tall pillar, several feet in the sky. There is other pillars around this one, about six of them. As I am destressing from the previous event, I see Horus. He is tall and skinny, wearing a high blue and gold headdress, from the times. 

He points up at me and says that I am one of only a few, whose soul belongs in his cult. He can feel the pain and oppression I feel from the pressure of the Christians, who harass me in ignorance and he offers me relief...

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Saturday, February 18th 2017

11:25 AM

Snake in the Grass

I am sitting beneath a maple tree with a blonde man, that is very tall. He tells me that he is a scientologist and he has been in his position for three months. He is some sort of counselor, or something like that. I asked him how many people had his position, before him. He explained that there was someone in his position, for a few months first. 

He positions himself to sit beneath the tree with me. The grass is lush and dark. It is soft, as I sit upon it. We both sit indian style on the lawn. The sun is nice, like a spring day.

All of a sudden, I notice a small orange bird come sit in the tree, on a branch and start chirping at me, as if it wants to tell me something! I giggle and laugh and it flies off. I yell at him to come back and it does, sit in the branch, closer to me, tilting it's head sideways and looking us over, as it chirps.  

We are laughing in joy, at this bird. As we laugh, we are shocked when it comes and swoops down, by our legs. Then, all of a sudden, off slithers a large green snake, away from us, as the bird bullies it to leave. We are amazed.

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Thursday, February 16th 2017

1:25 PM

Black Rabbit

There is a small boutique and it has a wall window facing out into the street. There is computers in the front of the shop and children are on them.

Inside of the store, there is a large brown desk, where a very large and tall old man is standing, at a black computer. He says welcome to me, as I enter.

I sit down at one of the tables and there is a large black rabbit, jumping all over the store. I try to touch it, as it brushes past my leg and it bites my finger.

I sit at the brown circular table and I am waiting to be served some food. There is an older woman who comes from another room, with some food and sits down a plate of potatoes that are steaming, for me.

I watch the rabbit hopping on the floor and I tell everyone that walks in the shop, not to touch it, because it bit me.

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Wednesday, February 15th 2017

3:48 PM


I am at a casino and no one else is in here. There is bunches of nickel machines all lined up and I sit at one. 

It is a plain one, with blue numbers and a video screen. I hit the buttons and soon enough the points rack up here.

When I win, I cash it out. I read the receipt and it is 140$. I think it's awesome and then I walk around, to look for someone to exchange it for money.

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Monday, February 13th 2017

2:50 PM

On The Run

I am in a dark house, which has opened boxes all over the red carpet. I am frantically searching through the boxes for something.

I hear a bunch of noise outside and I take off, on the run. There is men dressed in blue military hats and uniforms. They are light skinned and not American.

They look around the house at the boxes and try to locate me in the rooms. I keep running down the street. No one else is on the streets.

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Thursday, February 9th 2017

12:34 PM

Stone House

I am dreaming that I am in a stone house. The floors are white marble, the walls are white stone and all the sculptures about are of goddesses, made of a similar texture. 

The hallways are long, tall and narrow. The hallway I am in is just past the kitchen, where I walk to follow the sunlight coming inside. 

I arrive at the exit of the hall and there is a few rooms, bare and open. The walls are arched over in a sun design. I go towards the patio.

There is a long and narrow pool outside the glass doors, which I go to sit by. I can feel the sunlight kissing me on my face. I enjoy the moment. 

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Wednesday, February 8th 2017

1:30 PM

Blue Fading Hair

I am moving into a small house, which has empty spaces, small rooms, large windows and all the doors are wide open.

I sit on a step to the back door and look out onto the land. There is people walking on the street and most of them are dark haired and skinned.

There is other houses close by. They are all small and cozy looking, huddled together in comfort and safety. 

I am on the phone but, not sure with who. I am talking about my hair and the sun is gently touching my face. My hair has streaks of blue in it. 

When I take control of the dream, my hair becomes purple. I stand up and go invite people into my home, that I see walking around the area.

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Tuesday, February 7th 2017

12:07 PM

Corn Field Gathering

I am sitting on a wooden picnic bench, with a whitened table top. The reason that the wood is this color is because it is old and rotted from the rain. It is right next to a large field, of what appears to be corn. There is a slight breeze on the plants. I can see the yellow sun, disappearing, beneath the corn stalks.

I am sitting there with my mother, who is a large woman, with long brunette hair. She wears a dark blue windbreaker jacket. She has her boyfriend next to her, who is blonde, with greasy hair and out of focus. He wears a green windbreaker.

There is a man, sitting next to me. Who first appears to be this younger individual, with dark hair and light skin, who once tried to help me to pass a Biology class, which I dropped out of. Then, the longer I sit, he transforms into my sister, Abby. 

My mother has a blue duffel bag, which says Nike in orange-pink neon lettering on the side. It appears to be a gym bag. She opens it up and starts going through it. There are old food boxes inside with a corn dust, lightly coated on them. 

She pulls one up and hands it to me. It is a dark blue box of cereal, which looks like Cornflakes. It has president Obama on the front and there is vegetable dust, all over his face. It is a profile shot, of just him, in a grey business suit. 

I said that I would eat that one. So, she goes into the bag and hands everyone there food box, filled with expired food, yet everyone eats something at that table, in silence. 

I can feel a great spiritual presence here, which is breathtaking. There aren’t many words, only energy. The sun gets brighter, before it sets into another place. We leave when the sun goes down.


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Monday, February 6th 2017

12:05 PM

I am a Storm

I am in a dimly lit room with a large window, by a bed, which has white covers on it. There is light blue paint on the walls. Outside the window, it is raining, onto a green lawn.

I am sitting on the edge of the bed with a cream colored acoustic guitar. I am playing the strings of the instrument. I am singing "I am a Storm." 

The other lyrics are hard to remember, but I was picking the strings with my hands, in familiar patterns of four beats. 

There is a dark man and he is listening to my music. It plays very softly and makes for a beautiful energy. 

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Wednesday, February 1st 2017

12:46 PM

U.F.O. Falling

I am outside in a green pasture, with my husband and also, Josh Flagg from the t.v. show, Million Dollar Listing, on the Bravo channel. Josh is wearing a night blue suit and black sunglasses. My husband and I are in black pants and t-shirts. 

There is a crowd of people that comes to gather by us. Across from us is a deep hollow, which comes into perspective, as it rises into a high hill. I see alot of tangerine, coral and white colors, in their clothing.

The reason that the people are coming over, is because there is a U.F.O hovering over us and they are screaming, to try and save us; "It's going to crash!"

The U.F.O. is silver and resembles a pan flute, in design. The ribbons of material, are easily seen, layered about, below the machine. The craft is hollow, like the legendary musical instrument but, there is a feeling I have, like life dwells inside of it.

It stops right above us three and then launches itself into the abyss, crashing. It is blazen and goes up, into smoke.There is a huge explosion and a fire.

The people are freaking out, while the three of us are in shock. I keep hearing in my head, "There's a foreign body, invading the atmosphere."

Then, I know that it crashed because the surrounding area of Earth, detected the metal as foreign and did not let it survive, much like how our bodies attack strange matter.


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Monday, January 30th 2017

11:55 AM

Locker Room

I am in a locker room, in the showers, naked. The room is empty, except for me. I also check the door, to see if it is locked and it is.

The tiles are blue and mosaic shaped. There is a few walls, coming up from the ground, of the same material.

After I take the shower, I go to my blue backpack to get my clothes. Instead of the clothes being in there, I see only rocks. Most of them are milky white colored, in circular shapes but, there also seems to be an assortment of others, as well.

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Friday, January 27th 2017

5:14 PM

King and Queen of Hearts

I am walking up cement stairs, painted brown, in a building with many levels. The levels are in a stairway and I don't get out of the area, until I reach the top floor. 

The door opens, as I push a metal bar, in the center. I can feel the cool air creep in from the night. As the door closes, a man and a woman pop out of cardboard boxes, on the rooftop.

The men and woman look like the king and queen of hearts because, they are in the vibrant red colors, wearing crowns, dressed as the characters on a card deck and holding hearts. They are standing by pipes, which are painted brown.

The king and queen are speaking with me telepathically and the information I am receiving, is jumbled, like if you were turning a radio dial, trying to find a station, to listen to. There are many voices and frequencies...

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Wednesday, January 25th 2017

1:35 PM

Missing my ID

I am frantically going through my silver purse, looking for my ID card. I can't find it anywhere and so I am having anxiety.

The house is dark and my parents and full blooded sister are there. I am crying to them while I look under beds, in drawers and cabinets. 

There is wood floors everywhere and two stories. This is not a house that I have ever seen before, It is one of my imagination. 

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Tuesday, January 24th 2017

1:40 PM

The Summit

I'm in a house, which is exactly like mine but, the walls are painted a sea green color. There is a sky blue piano keyboard stuck to the top of the wall, above my bedroom door.

I leave through this door and there is two blonde boys, about ten years old, waiting for me. They are talking about an old man that is at the summit of a mountain, right outside of my house.

So, I go outside, where there is a large road, made of dirt and a wooden fence, in the shape of logs in horizontal and vertical crosses, outlining the meadow and rocky landscape. 

The boys say they are going up there and I decide I will follow them in spirit. They each get on a childs electric car and start speeding up the road. The cars are like jeeps and cream colored.

I am following them in an ethereal way. It is night time now and there is a fork in the road, up the way to the mountain, which I can see, is covered with snow.

There's a elderly woman, with white long hair and a plain sea green cotton robe on. She is standing there, saying "help me" and waving her arms. She has her luggage with her and she is trying to get home. So, they stop to help her instead.

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