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Friday, January 13th 2017

1:23 PM

Not Good Enough

People are waiting in line in chairs, on the floor. It appears to be a government agency or corporation. The chairs are plastic and simple and the lighting is fluorescent. It reminds me of an airport but, not quite.

The floors are made of a white tile and there is people answering phones at a front desk. No one sitting on the chairs, of the floor, are speaking. It is an uncomfortable silence. 

I start to get uneasy and impatient and so I quietly start speaking with a man, who is sitting right next to me. He appears to have dark hair and be of mexican descent. I ask him about what's going on.

The man looks around the room and leans in to whisper in my ear that, all these people are trying to get a record deal. There is about a hundred people around.

This fact alone gets me going and I stand up and tell everyone it's not fair and they should all be their own persons. The man agrees because, we walk out of the room together.

We go outside. He is in nice black pants and a dark blue sweatshirt with rugged boots. The area is wild and there is pine trees and mountains all about.

We go up to a side of a mountain that is covered with dirt. It looks pretty steep but, we dare each other to reach the top. We glance all the way up and it seems overwhelming but, the man goes full force.

I climb about twenty feet and then back down. It is too steep, almost straight up and down, with no grip. Yet, there the man goes, somehow, reaching up there. I never see him again.

So I leave with a couple people that, help me off of the ground. We go to another building with chairs and waiting, which is much smaller. 

A woman in a business suit comes out and hands over a gift box of beautiful jewels to a person in the chair for one dollar.The box is three feet high and wide. They are obviously worth thousands. They sparkle and shimmer. 

A dark woman that I am sitting next to, whispers in my ear they are stolen and I go out of my seat and pull up closer to her, to start talking. I introduce myself and we become friends.

I meet Paul, my love, in here and we leave to go walking around outside, in this city, to find a place to eat. There is a small population here, very rural. I remember crying because he wanted to go to all these fancy places and I just wanted to eat at Taco Bell. 

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Tuesday, January 10th 2017

12:03 PM

Moving Time

I am inside an apartment complex that is all white cement everywhere.It is my sisters and her husband and sons home.

Everything is cleared out of the apartment, except for a cage with guinea pigs and a white clock, on the wall. The clock is a basic  style round clock with black numbers.

My husband and I are helping them move the guinea pigs and I pause to let them run around for a bit. They are multicolored. 

I notice that when anybody in the room stops for a short period of time, the clock starts to tick very loudly. It unwraps a cord from itself and shoots out it's hands around the person or thing, that is standing still. It then starts to tighten, like a snake.

So, we work fast and move them to another place that, is in the same complex yet, it's away from that clock, high on the wall. 


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Friday, January 6th 2017

1:25 PM

Hotel Hideaway

I walk up a short flight of steps, that is made of concrete and painted a green tinted brown. It is in a small hallway that has a sandy white painted on the exterior. 

At the end, I reach a door that is painted red. The door is slim and tall. It has a gold number on the front that reads "37." There is also a peephole there.

It appears to be a hotel and I enter into the room. The carpet is a thin layer of dark blue. A royal tone tints the floral comforters and abstract art in the area. 

There is two beds here, perfectly made with quilted blankets and fluffy white pillows on top, with plain cotton fabric. 

I keep getting the sense that someone is watching me, so I look out the door, down the steps, into the street. No one is in the area, except a chinese man in his mid twenties. 

He looks suspicious, as he is wandering between each hotel room, snooping around the stairs, vehicles and corners.

He wears a dark blue hoodie, it is simple and there is no logos or art on this canvas. He has a round face and thick eyebrows, which hits where the hood begins on top of his head. 

He goes up onto my door and opens it, as I step backwards. The door was locked but, he came in with such ease. 

Even though I am standing right there, he can't notice me. He looks around the room, in the drawers of the dresser and closet, very efficiently. 

I see a vision of about three people of the same age and attire, in the room before I was in there. They are sitting about, on the tops of the bed and watching t.v. The vision fades and the man leaves the room. 


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Tuesday, January 3rd 2017

10:56 AM

Another Dream

I am in a place that looks like some form of a military base. It has metal buildings standing straight up for miles. They are a rusty red color, with flat square roofs. 

I am walking along a snowy path and there is no sign of life around. The snow is falling gently and everything is silent. There is darkness all around.

I go inside one of the rusty metal buildings. It is square shaped inside and there is cots lined against the walls, with some people sleeping and hooked up to monitors. 

There is nurses tending to people and they are filling out papers and watching over them. They appear to be dreaming.

A man in an army suit comes inside and takes me from here to tour the facilities. It is one metal square building after another, filled with electrical equipment, a cafeteria and more. 

The man asks me to join them. He is trying to recruit me. He tells me they go to sleep and fight wars in the future and other realms with this new technology, while we sleep.

He said that if we get cut or die in the dream, we may fall into a coma, if we can not handle the trauma, psychologically and that's why they pick people like me, who has been through alot. He picks people who will survive.

I wander off, into the snow and I weigh my options. I have a friend, who is smaller than me, with light hair and she begs me not to go and explains its all for power and corruption.

I go against her will and I go into a cell with a woman with dark hair who appears to be in her fifties. We travel together to the future of the facility, we are currently in. 

When we arrive, we are outside and everything looks identical. I hear her say, that it is 40 years, into the future.

We do not age. The lady turns to fight me and she uses fire sparks that appear to come from her hands. I am fighting against her, with only my fists.

She strikes me with some sort of laser beam and there is a wide gash inside of me. I collapse to the ground and I am sent back to the present time, waking up, off the floor.

The lady said this was a practice event. She said that next time, I would realize that people have these magicks and be stronger.

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Monday, January 2nd 2017

8:42 AM


I am in the backseat of a car and we are traveling down a windy, hillside road. There is a ranch on my right with a large wooden log gate to enter.The gate is made from large tree trunks and I think it has R & R carved into but, I am not 100% sure. It could be a K, or P, as well.My vision is a bit blurry here.

The person driving is Paul and there is another woman in the front seat, with blonde hair. I do not recognize her. She seems to be leading us round this area.She's in jeans and a sky blue jacket.

It's a chilly morning because, I can see my breath and the steam rising off the frosted plants in the area. I feel as though I am wearing a warm coat. 

My higher self and phantoms lead me to look into a field, that we pass, by this ranch. The field has tall yellow grass growing but, there is close by a field with healthier pastures and purple wildflowers and I keep hearing that something exists over there, by a field of daisies.I see large square cliffs, as we pass by.

We are headed to find this destination, although I am not sure if it exists. It seems as though, it is important that I get to Bakersfield and look around. 

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Saturday, December 31st 2016

8:46 AM

T-Rex Waiting by the Water

I am on a very large brown ship. It is all built of dark woods.It has white sails and a whole crew attends to the service, of this capsule. 

We are out on the top floor and I see that we are in a large river. The river is a dark teal color and there is a city that lays upon the shape and the flow.

I am standing there, with my hair down, in contemplation of the houses and buildings, that are here. They are grand and modern, dating to the future. 

There is skyscrapers that tower over with deep stone cut into them like gigantic castles. They all seem to have an air landing pad on top, or fancy lights, beckoning, to the skies. 

This place is heavily populated. It seems as if it is night, because the people are quiet. It also seems like it is two different eras, from on the boat, to the structures, on land.

I am the only one that is standing there, without worry of working on the parts and pieces, on deck. I do worry, however, on the fact, that I see a large t-rex standing high above the water, overlooking the boat.

I am concerned but, the t-rex seems like it has the mentality of a loyal dog and does not try to eat the people, just simply looks close at them. They do not seem to notice and I have to tell the supervisor, what I see.

The people are wearing black berets, like the ones that come from France. They have various white and black t-shirts and blue jeans. It is all men, that I see on top.

There is some in a corner, that are reading out of a giant book. The book is all brown in color and the pages are cream. It seems to be a navigation manual, of some sort.

The weather is calm and warm and there is no breeze that I can feel here. We continue to float on down the path, in a tranquil state.

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Friday, December 30th 2016

8:44 AM

The Fog Rolls In

I am trying to walk into a house when there is a huge fog that comes and covers everything. I huddle down, close to the ground and I feel snow. I hear people all around me saying; "Don't move, it will come and go fast."

I didn't want to get lost and so I kneel there, in light pink mittens, a brown beanie with ancient geometric designs from an aztec or similar culture, in horizontal lines and a dark blue hoodie. 

When the fog lifts, the people go into a house with a brown roof. It is a one story and there is a wooden porch, built all around the place. 

Inside, I place my brown boots by the door and I see a living room with a long brown table and drinks on top, in red solo cups. 

Everyone is going towards the table, taking their hats and scarfs off. There is about five people and they all are around my age. 

They start drinking out of the cups and then a woman comes up to me, with blonde hair and starts trying to hit me. So, we get into a fight and I violently beat her up. Its savage. 

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Wednesday, December 28th 2016

10:12 AM

Erase Time

I am looking through the websites on the computer, googling my name and I can't find the information that I am looking for. I deliberately look for certain articles, that are no longer there.

I go to look for things that have been written and said about me, in the past and I find the stories but, there is something wrong. The stories don't make sense and they change my name to another person; that is similar to me. 

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Wednesday, December 28th 2016

10:07 AM

Bloody Mouth

I am in my bathroom, which has a white counter top with a shiny surface.I am leaning over, into the sink, brushing my teeth. 

The lights glare off of the sink. When I go to spit out the toothpaste, I see a large amount of blood, coming out. It is very thick and unnatural. It frightens and concerns me. 

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Friday, December 23rd 2016

11:39 PM

Sunny Cage

There is a place that is very warm and bright. It is a soothing light, that I feel on my skin and I imagine this feels like a sunlamp would, to a lizard. It is an orange blaze that comforts me. 

The rest of the surroundings around me, are of a creamy black and marbled infrastructure. There is spiraled and smooth pillars coming out, from the same patterns as the ceiling and ground, in the corners of the room. 

The other part is stairs and breaks in the ceiling, that wind up, into the sun, with three levels. It is an ancient building with black metal bars around the circumference, over windows, bricked walls, we are caged in. There is only parts of the roof, the rest have collapsed into stone piles, ages ago.

The floor is dirt and bits of flowers, growing tall and slim, coloring the neutral shades of the area. It is a functioning habitat made for us. Shades of yellow and pink pop out the most.

There is a gray metal desk with a file cabinet attached to the right side, underneath. I am in a long flowing white and floral cotton dress, going through the files inside.

It appears that there is two other men my age, here as well. They are one dark skinned and one light.The details of the faces are blurred, as they are only energy.

 As I am on the ground level, the light glowing man is on the second and on the third is the dark glowing one. 

I know that we cannot leave this place because everything is locked in.We are under an observation, of some sort of high importance. I can feel eyes on me. 

There is never a darkness, only the light fades and moves in position, causing hues such as oranges, reds and pinks, to appear throughout the quiet hours, of the sky. The clouds are gray and pass by low and slowly, in large shapes, that curl and dive.

It is out in nature somewhere unseen as there is blue jay and other small, colorful birds, there in the pine trees, through the meadows, where no other humans dwell. They are happy and singing to us. No other voices are heard.

I cannot leave if I wanted to. Would I though, no! It is a gorgeous environment and I felt so much tranquility there.

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Tuesday, December 20th 2016

10:31 AM

Bubble Bath

I am in a house that has a light blue, white and cream color scheme. The windows are large and the sun is coming in, warming the tiles on the floor.

The island in the middle is made of a brown wood and there is fresh vegetables and spices all around. It smells delicious, like cinnamon and apples.

I follow the light of the sun throughout the house, because it has alot of windows, that are on the path of the sun. 

I end up in the bathroom, which has a huge bath tub with soap and bubbles filling up, to the top.The steam of the water rises up. It fills me with joy.

I see Amber Portwood from MTV in this room. She is running the bath for me. I tell her she is so nice but, she never speaks back. 

I get in the bath tub and it is so warm and the sunlight hits me and I feel like a new person. I have so much love inside of me. 

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Sunday, December 18th 2016

10:28 PM

Aquarium Issues

I am in a dark hallway. It appears to be a high school of some sort. There is a room with bookshelves with glass, trophies and awards. 

Right past this room is another one that is very dark. There is a table and a counter where there is also a cash register. 

Across from the cash register is where this wood table, where on top is a very large aquarium. I am in charge of filling this up with aquatic life. 

There is red rocks in the bottom and I am filling with water. When the water is halfway full, I put in a big crab family. 

Then, I am putting silver angel fish but, the crabs are grabbing and eating them, for a snack. 

When the water is at the very top,I have to use a ladder. I put in a lionfish, that pops above the surface and almost stings me. 


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Friday, December 16th 2016

10:33 AM

Miraculous Pregnancy

All of a sudden, my stomach begins to grow and you can see it moving, as if, there is a child inside. It grows very fast.

At first, I can't even believe it because I am on birth control, not having sex and all kinds of impossibilities that you can imagine.

I keep looking at my naked body and I grow horrible stretch marks that are extreme and not like any I have ever seen. They are thick and fire red. They are all over my back, butt and stomach. 

My stomach looks as if the baby is upside down because you can see this. I remember it is the biggest stomach I ever saw.

The doctors I go to and they are amazed that I could get pregnant like this. They cannot believe it is so strange.

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Thursday, December 15th 2016

10:07 AM

Skyscraper Kidnapping

Someone kidnaps me. He is a white older man. He takes me to the top of a tall building. It appears to be a skyscraper.

The building is a gray color, on the top. There is alot of spaces to run and hide. There is even a gigantic wall that goes up, a bit more, displaying a logo, or some kind of decorative top. 

I keep trying to escape the guy on the top, because I am sure, that he is trying to murder me.At one point, he almost does so, with a knife. 

I somehow make it to the bottom, to escape, in the night. There is alot of greenery on the scene and it is humid. I run fast. 

Pretty soon, I get picked  up, in a silver car. It is Justin Timberlake driving and we are singing to his music, on the radio.

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Tuesday, December 13th 2016

10:24 AM

WWE Murder

I saw the WWE Diva twins, the Bellas, dressed in red outfits. The red is very vibrant. They are walking with Eva Marie, who is another Diva.

Eva is in jeans and a white t-shirt and she says that she wishes she would have dressed up because, the twins are in sexy outfits but, she is dressed just plain.

They are on a high road, which looks over an ocean. They are at a metal bench and getting ready to go on a plane.

Nikki Bella is thinking in her head about the murder she just committed. She just killed her parents, who look nothing like hers in real life. In her dream, they are heavily obese. 

She has pulled them out of bed in the middle of the night, by their blankets and cracked their heads off of the floor, right before coming on the trip.

There is another blonde woman and they all run to catch a private plane together. The plane is gigantic and spacious. As it takes off, I can see a silver U.F.O. following it. 

On the plane, I become Brie Bella and I have no idea that my parents are dead. I am very suspicious of Nikki, for some reason though and I began to choke her as Brie. 

After we land, by another ocean, the spaceship can still be seen by me and no one else. It is gigantic and saucer shaped. It hovers above the ocean.

Nikki goes through the security footage and erases all the tapes. Then, she walks to this giant room, with high glass walls and asks everyone what they are doing.

They all go together, except for the blonde woman, who met these mexican dark hair and skin people, who are young. She wants to hang with them because, they are her age.

She goes out by the dock with them and a young man, about twenty, ties her up and takes her on his bike and there is several witnesses but, no one cares. 

He has very muscular arms and he rides his bike through an orchard of trees, where there is another man, standing on top of a tree watching, who does not seem to care.

He takes her to a spot in the dirt, that  looks like it is in a  cave of some sort. It is already a hole in the dirt, that is for somebody's body. 

The blonde woman is frantic, but, no one is going to save her. The young man inflicts terror in her and she is crying hysterically. 


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Monday, December 12th 2016

12:18 PM

Playground for Adults

There is a very large playground. It is in a circular area, in the middle of a luscious and grassy area. 

The bars are all a bright red color and the slides are a grayish white. The center is filled, with yellow colored wood chips.

I am wearing blue jeans and my puffy cranberry colored coat. I am running around wildly and playing on the equipment. 

The playground is a size for adults. There is alot of other people running around, as well, who are mostly my age.

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Friday, December 9th 2016

2:57 PM

Running A Hotel

I am in a hotel, with many rooms. The entranceway is built with wide brown stairs and peach paint. 

It is clear that I am running the hotel, as I stand in one, that has sky blue paint and a wooden headboard above the bed. 

I am talking about the business to a man, because there is a dead woman in the bath tub. 

The bath tub is a coral color. She is face down and her long black hair is flowing up, in the bath water, with blood. 

I leave the room, as I wait for someone, to come and get the body. On my way down the stairs, to the front desk, I notice cockroaches running about widely.

The cockroaches see me and they run into another staircase, which leads into the basement. 

There is guests walking back and forth and the roaches are running in and out of their suitcases and clothes. They seem calm and unaware. 

I remember thinking, that this is hard to run a hotel. I am not sure why I was there, because, I have no desire to own one. 

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Wednesday, December 7th 2016

4:18 PM

Rats and Skunks

My backyard is not very large yet, in my dream, there is a wide, grassy field there. The grass is light green and it flows in the breeze, softly like sea grass. It is long and silent as it waves in the air. 

The large pine trees outside are gigantic and they span several houses down. This whole yard is seemingly in the countryside, while I dwell in the city, in waking life. 

The skies are blue and I see sunshine and many clouds drifting by, slowly in the sea of hidden stars. Everything seems to be so peaceful.

I see my father walking towards me, in a white baseball cap. He is coming from the back end of the field, towards the house. His hands are dirty and soiled, as if he has been gardening. He waves to me.

All of a sudden, a group of men, knock down the brick wall, to the left of my house. They are wearing mexican hats, cowboy boots and wrangler jeans. 

They have landscaping equipment with them. They walk straight through the bricks, not even, seeming to notice, the power of what they are doing. They walk on to the position that my dad is, without care.

I see a large group of brown and red rats, following after them. The rats are destroying the landscape, everywhere they go. There is hundreds of them.

One of the men, wearing a gray cowboy hat, pulls a mother skunk and her family, from a hole in the middle of the property. He pulls them up, without respect for their lives and tosses them, to the side.

Although, the images that I am seeing, are shocking, I do not stop anyone of them, from destroying the land. I watch with sadness, as this unfolds.

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Tuesday, December 6th 2016

10:05 PM

Hotel Hamster

​I am in a very dark hotel room. It is almost pitch black and there is only a small table lamp, outlaid in brass, that I can see. It glows only softly, a faint yellow color.

​I am dressed in all black silk pajamas. My feet are bare and cold. I walk across a wooden floor, that is chilly on my toes.

​I cross from the queen size bed, over to the table, that is circular in shape. It is one of those collapsible pieces of furniture.

​There is a hamster's cage, on top of the table. The hamster is orange and it is wearing a red and white sweater. It is friendly.

​There is a small gray mouse in the cage with the hamster. I pick it up and kiss it on the forehead and then put it back down, to pick up the hamster.

​I take the hamster into the bed with me and cuddle it. It just lays there, in it's red and white sweater, looking for the mouse.

​Someone knocks on the door and I let them in. It is a woman in her twenties. She has a black back pack on and she is dressed in all black. She has dark brown hair, in a ponytail.

​She checks on things in the hotel room but, never turns on the light. She goes over, to play with the mouse. I set the hamster back,in the cage.

​Before she goes to leave, I lay back in bed. She says good bye to me and closes the door behind her and I go back to sleep.


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Saturday, December 3rd 2016

9:36 AM

The Clones

I am in another land. The weather is cold and clear. The landscape is muddy and wet. There are dark green trees around, with intricate trunks, as if you can see them breathing. 

I am sitting in a car, watching this place, with a camera and zooming in for magnification on a hillside,miles away. It is very silent in this place, not even the sound of an animal, comes through.

There is a campus of some kind, made of brown brick, with a cobblestone walkway, in front of the landscape. It has high and ancient towers, fences and lights all around the area, for protection.

I don't know these people, this area, or what's going on. I have my sister Abby and Paul in the driver's seat of the car, parked, with me in the passenger seat.They are themselves but, not mentally or emotionally complete. They are stone silent, like robots.

I have a memory when I look at Abby of a round fishtank, filled with four turtles, that are all clones. They are colored different than, a regular turtle, they have a lime green tone.I am holding and inspecting the turtles, in the glass bowl. I am a young girl.

I come back to the present moment and it is becoming night time.On the horizon, where I am looking, I start seeing silver U.F.O's lining up, together. I zoom in, take a good photo and then panic and run, when I realize they notice me. 

The next night, I return. On the way there, in the car, we stop by a farm, with tiny pigs running about. The pigs grow into regular size. These pigs are very smart, they move slower and with more thought, than the average one.

The car door is open and one that's pink with brown spots, tries to get inside. It can't jump in time because, the car and my mind is moving too fast. It is so intelligent, it keeps trying to come in but, it also reads my mind, as we drive away and recedes its position.

We hurry because the sun is setting now, again. We park over in a spot that resembles the mystery spot of Santa Cruz, that I know. There is a high brown rock and dark green plants, on the perimeter.

This time, as the sun is setting, there is a large and magnificent silver dragon, on the horizon. It is spectacular. It is hovering in the air, just slightly bouncing up and down, as it holds a neutral position. 

The middle of the dragon is a moving tube that looks slender, soft, alive and magical.The look almost reminds me of velvet, if it were a metal. It even has brown eyes, that are large and have no pupils.

It is suspended by enormous silver wings, that look identical to feathers. They are intricate, lightweight but obviously, of a living metal, as it moves, apart and together, like tiny organisms of the same species, breathing as one. They come together, to shape incredible, heart shaped wings.The wings are a softer hue, than the body of the dragon.

I am overcome so much, by the beauty and wonder, that I find myself getting out of the car and joining the groups of people, by the brown building, which sits tall and high, like a castle. 

Abby and Paul wait in the car for me, in silence, in case anything should happen and we would need to escape. 

I slowly walk past a large group of people, in technologically advanced outfits. They are all dressed alike, just as if they are in uniform.

This is obviously an organization of some kind, like a college, because they are all as old as I am. They are walking around and discussing the same topics,grouping together in uniformity, speaking in an unheard language.

The outfits are dark blues, trimmed with rich browns and blacks. They are embossed in circular shapes around the neckline. There are some with swirls emanating from the chest, like a sun shape, becoming raised up, pieces of the same soul fabric, on the surface. 

The fabric has tiny designs on few, with variation, like blue roses on one exquisite jacket piece, that I detail in my mind, as I walk past a unit of students, bonding together. 

The people start to notice me. I am in black, so I don't stand out to much to be recognized, because there are some black shirts underneath, of blue blazer jackets, which my colors blend in with. 

The cobblestones are a brown and red color and they are shaped like octagons, coming together, in the center to form a mandala.

The mandala matches the colors of all the uniforms, buildings and environment. The mandala comes together as one, to form a large surface about eight feet altogether and across. The color from the outside is a dark brown, red and than to yellow, with lining in navy blue, black and silver. 

There is a man sitting down on a brown built in stone bench, with a white and grainy like sandy, top on it. He is very healthy, with a dark blonde shiny hair color and Earth brown eyes. 

I feel such an attraction to his gene structure because, some of the other people look far more superior than us. He looks like he is imperfect; like we are, on our planet.The others have sharp and narrow faces and ears, shapes perfected through time. 

I grab his navy blue uniform. It feels as cotton feels and is hard and stiff, like cardboard. I am overcome with passion and I start shaking him slightly, by the opening of his jacket.

He is slightly larger than I am, perhaps he is about five foot eight inches.He is built athletically, as if he does alot of physical work.

"Where are we?" I frantically shout at him. I am asking questions and he obviously can't understand me too well. He starts to shake his head and speak rapidly in another language. 

"Is that french?" I ask and then he pulls away from me, but still is sitting. He is trying to explain something to me.

I literally jump on top of him, as if we are magnets. I say that I just love his genes and latch on, even with my legs twisted, around him. He has on black pants, too. 

He starts yelling in desperation at me. He grabs me and moves me away from him, speaking now in American; "You are a clone, where is the real you?"

"Where is the real you." It echoes inside with emotion following close behind.

It paralyzes me when he says that, as I start to panic about this question. Obviously, I am in dream form. "Where do you come from?" He asks again?

I start freaking out as I see the anxiety in his eyes. A silver U.F.O. is landing where Abby and Paul are supposed to be parked. So, I try to run as fast as possible, back to the vehicle. 

When I realize how far I walked from the car, I became angry at myself. It seems like a few miles. I am walking fast, through a maze of rooms inside and hallways. 

I get a sense of urgency, as I realize there is officials, in all black and white uniforms, with hats, like paperboys but, with a black rope twisted with two pieces around the circumference of the hat, extending with a small visor to protect the eyes, asking questions, looking for someone.

I realize it is me they are searching for. I hide in a shower room. The curtains are a navy blue color and the tile has opaque stones in them, offset by beiges and sandy whites.

As the man is coming towards the shower, I bolt and run as fast as possible, away from this place. I am really feeling the anxiety now.

I run back through the center of the outside of the building and everyone is drawing up close to the oval shaped U.F.O., that is landed now. They are hypnotized but, not as if they are held against their will, just by sheer fascination.

I could feel the urge to watch who was coming out of the U.F.O., overtake me but, I was extremely worried for my family and safety. I wanted to know so badly what was inside but, I knew that if I did, I could possibly never return home.

I arrive back at the car, which seems to be changing colors everyday and we leave in silence, driving slow, so that we don't draw too much attention, away from the spaceship, that has just landed. 


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Tuesday, November 29th 2016

10:34 AM

Rats in NY

I am sitting at a very tall and long, dark, wooden family table. My husband, my sister Abby and my grandfather Denny, who is passed, is there.They are eating bites of food off of their plates, with silver forks, very slowly.

It is dark in this room and the walls are open everywhere, so you can see the space. Behind the kitchen is a long living room and a bedroom. 

By the front door, I notice rat turds everywhere and I see a few rats. They scurry under the cupboards and the table. 

I start to sweep up the wood splinters and turds off of the floor and then I set poison out for the rest. 

I tell everyone that I have to go and I get on a bus with my ukulele in hand, lightly strumming and singing to it about fire and light and magic. 

While I am on the bus, I come to realize that we are in NY. We are driving and I am with my first friend, Cassie. 

We get off the bus and onto a horse and carriage. She is wearing jeans and a light pink shirt. I keep grabbing at the material in the jeans because she isn't speaking. 

We are heading through an old town on a main street. There is not that many people and it looks like everyone is dressed in clothes from the 1800's. 

I am walking around and asking people for jobs and paid work. My friend follows me but, she is still not talking. 


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Sunday, November 27th 2016

3:31 AM

Writing a Speech

I am using a wooden pencil to write a speech on a piece of paper, at a pine podium, on a black glossy stage. The words I am writing onto lined paper and they read; "Thank You."

I hand them to a light skinned man, who is wearing a dark blue suit and black shoes, tie and shirt. He is an older man with brown hair. 

He grabs it and he has a golden award like a globe and an oscar man statuette in his hands. He reads it to everybody.

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Wednesday, November 23rd 2016

10:07 AM

Digging for Food

It is chilly outdoors and I am wearing a navy blue puffy coat. I have black cotton mittens on and I take them off to reveal my bare hands. 

I am at an outside playground. There is a red plastic slide and a metal circular spinning toy in the middle. There is wood bark all over the ground.

On a side by the sidewalk, where it hits the dirt, I find myself digging into the Earth. I am getting potatoes and carrots out of the ground and collecting them to eat.


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Friday, November 18th 2016

9:11 AM

Rodent Guitar

I have my pink cutaway style acoustic electric guitar in my hands. I am trying to tune my guitar to a tuner, and the notes are all off. I try to strum the strings and then they are stiff, and they don't make a sound. 

I leave the stage and I go back to sit with my mother at a small black circular table that is raised up high with bar stool chairs. 

My mother gives me a small white box, that smells like pee. I open it and there is about 100 tiny mice babies, they have silver fur but, their eyes are not even opened. They are all nested and sleeping. 

I give the box back to her and she tells me that she got them from the wild. It is some kind of exotic mouse. I am not sure what I am supposed to do with them.

A young man comes over and he asks for the lyrics to a song. So, I come up with song lyrics to chords we are trying to play. The lyrics are saying that "I am a galaxy, aligned to everything, can you feel me?"

Then, the song that we just wrote, comes on t.v. during a commercial. The other people at the sports bar are confused and one man, in a black business suit and white hair said, "Am I supposed to understand what all this means?"

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Thursday, November 17th 2016

10:06 AM

Wrong Song

I am about to go out on a stage. There is bright blue, yellow and white lights focused on the center of a black glossy stage.

I have my pink guitar in my hand. For some reason, I start to play it like a ukulele, and I really focus on my fingertips. I run out mid-song into the side curtains.

I start saying horrible things to myself. One thing I think, is that all my songs are stupid and then I decide to play, "Honey". 

I go back onstage to play "Honey" and I don't do a very good job. I leave again before the show is over and go cry in the corner. 


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