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Thursday, October 27th 2016

9:50 AM

Tiny Dog

I am sitting in a desk, in a classroom. I am in the very back row, and the farthest away from the front. 

It is evening time, and hard to see because I can't really make out whats going on through the windows in the back. All I can see is the darkness.

The room is dimly lit. The floor looks like a dirty beige colored tile, that is set in large squares. There is about twenty other students in the room, from what I can see.

I am wearing all black and I see a tiny white puppy, about the size of the palm of my hand, in my lap. It is so fragile looking, and I remember having anxiety about if it had its shots or if it would get parvo. 

The teacher is a short woman, with dark skin. She walks the aisles, looking at our paperwork on our desks. She never looks at mine.

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Wednesday, October 26th 2016

9:26 AM

My Brother

I am at my parents house. It is a house that they have not lived in before. The carpet is gray, the walls are white and every corner is very angular and shortened. 

The room that I am in is very small, and empty. There is one window with white blinds, and the sun is coming in, very softly, in lines of light, through the cracks.

I close my eyes, and when they are opened again, there is a bed in the room. It takes up the wall and space by the window. It has a frilly bed spread on it, with a thick yellow comforter. 

I hear my father outside the door, so I step out there. He is wanting to go to the store and so I follow him, thinking that I need some nail polish. 

Then, I see my brother in the backseat of the red blazer, coming with us. He cuddles up to me in the back of the car, on the carpeted grey seats and doesn't speak. We just watch people out the window, walking and it is comforting. The heater is on inside, and it is very relaxing.

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Sunday, October 23rd 2016

12:05 PM

Eagle Feather & Coffin Box

I am in a dream land where there is soft and luscious grass growing in tall waves. There is a soft breeze blowing. The sun is shining down, just gently enough. 

There is a small hill that I am walking on. I find an eagle feather on the ground and then I pick it up, and start waving it around in joy.

I walk to a church. It is a small church with a gorgeous piano inside. The piano is made from red cherry wood. I sit down at the piano and I see a friend from Montana on the other side. She is one that was always at the christian church. She just smiles.

I start to play the piano very perfectly. I am singing and it is perfect. It is not a religious song. There is two long white candles on top of the piano and they are burning softly.

Than, I leave and I walk outside again. There is a girl and she has light brown hair and she hands me a glow in the dark dragon circular bead. It has the dragon with his mouth open, eating another dragon, in a circle. 

As soon as I put the necklace on, it turns into a brown coffin box. It is about six inches tall. The coffin opens and there is a black wooden cross inside. 

I take the cross out and I place it in the ground, on the hill where I was walking before. 

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Saturday, October 22nd 2016

11:58 AM

Red Geisha Painting

​There is a beautiful house with many corners. There is many square walls and arches of the doorway. The ceilings are low.

I am barefoot and I look to the floor which has beautiful tiles in each room. In one, there is a rusty brown tile. In the next, there is a yellow tile with a garden design on them.  This includes beautiful red flowers and green vines. In another, I see a light pink. In only one room is carpet.

​There is a red painting in the room with the dark carpet. The painting is made from a strong wooden canvas, that is square shaped. There is a geisha's face carved into the canvas. She has beautiful ornamental jewelry in her hair. It is a chop stick with a jewel on it. The whole painting is red. It protrudes from the wall in a three dimensional way.

​I pick up the painting, and I look behind it. There is little stowaway spots within it. I put money behind the painting, and I place it back onto the white wall.

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Friday, October 21st 2016

10:20 AM

Tyler Henry

My first best friend Cassie, asks me if I want to go to church with her. I just agree, even though, I am not religious because, I want to spend time with her. 

We go to this place with fold out chairs and a pale blue wall. We sit down with a group of about thirty people. 

She pulls out of her pale pink purse, an almost empty bottle of Jack Daniels alcohol and gives it to me and I take a couple swigs until I am drunk.

I am wearing a black hipster looking hat and I keep adjusting it on my head because it is fitting loosely. My hair is long and down underneath of it. 

All of a sudden, a silence overcomes everyone and Tyler Henry, the Hollywood Medium, walks into the room. He is wearing a dark blue shirt with black pants. 

We are sitting off to the right side, by the door, the second row. He goes towards the middle and reads people. We never get a reading because we are far off. 

I am in a bad mood because I always feel excluded and isolated even though, I choose to sit where I did. 

We leave in a magenta four door car from the nineties. I am in the passenger side and a large man, with blonde hair and green eyes, that says he is in the NFL, is somehow on the outside of the vehicle, seated down but, going with us and staring at me.

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Thursday, October 20th 2016

9:17 AM

Baby Bat

I am in a very clean house. There is many bedrooms and a very thin and fresh, dark blue carpet. The rooms are all very simple, with only a bed and blankets, in each one. 

There is closets in each room, built into the wall and they have mirrors on the outside. Everything is shaped very square like.

A person rings the doorbell to deliver a newspaper. The person is a young white man on a shiny blue bike. He takes off. There is a color picture of my children on the front and all the details of my life story. 

Then, I notice a cargo box made of wood on the cement stairs, as well. I bring the box inside, and there is a baby bat. It is sleeping in some hay.

I take the bat inside and it flies away and hides. I spend alot of time to look for the baby bat but, then I find it underneath of one of the beds. 

Then, I realize that the baby bat is probably hungry, and so I go into the fridge and I find leftover chinese food with pieces of meat and vegetables, finely chopped up. 

The baby bat is bundled up into a small white blanket, like a newborn. It has adorable eyes and demeanor. I feed it the food, one by one piece and also some water in a small tin bowl. 

No one else is home in this house and so the bat does not live in a cage, it is free to roam the house, as it pleases. 

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Wednesday, October 19th 2016

10:47 AM

Driving Around

​The town I am in my dream is small and quaint. There is barely any businesses alongside the road. The road is stretched out like a long highway.

​I am in the passenger side of a blue pickup truck that appears to be from the 90's era. Paul is driving.

We pass by an area covered by pine trees and a small brick building. I see a man walking on the sidewalk, who looks like Cody Simpson. I freak out and I have Paul turn around to go and talk to him.

​By the time that we make our way back around, there is another couple of men with dark hair, that he is sitting with. They are huddled up in blankets, that look like they are from the hospital.

​Cody is wearing a black beanie with a gray hoodie and the others are dressed very similar. His face is gaunt and he cannot speak when I try to say hello, because he is shivering so badly from the cold air.

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Monday, October 17th 2016

9:47 AM

In The Trees

I am in a beautiful land with a black basic cell phone. My purpose is to record a video about how to use herbal incense smudge wands. 

The first place that I try to film it is in the shallow water. There is a muddy place, where the water hits me right above the ankles.I am barefoot. I am wearing a white cotton dress with bell sleeves and flower shapes punched out of the sleeves.

The water  is dirty because there is socks, and garbage in it. There is a large crowd of people, so I can't get a quiet shot.

The people are wearing pointed straw hats that are so large, in the shape and color of the sun. Their skin is the same color. They are harvesting some type of plant from the muddy waters. They are smiling.

I leave the water to go to the forest that sits right next to the edge. The trees have white barks, they are very skinny and long with green eucalyptus leaves, leaving widespread spaces in between each and spiraling up like a staircase to the top. Yet, they are so close together, that it is mostly shady.

I find a clearing in the center. The sun is lightly touching through the circular spot. There is white, yellow and golden wildflowers sprinkled about like baby's breath on a short, soft and mossy green surface. They match my clothing.

There is many people again and they are all happy and smiling. They have their children with them and they are a bit paler than the people in the water. I overhear someone saying that we are in Heaven.

I lay in the center with my back on the ground and my hair out in abundance. There is wildflowers weaving in and out of my hair. 

I hold the cell phone out and I try to do another video, but, I change my mind because I am relaxing and there is too much chaos in the background. So, I just peacefully lay here.



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Sunday, October 16th 2016

11:39 PM

Tar Creature

I am in the place where Scream Park, a haunted house in Sacramento, California is located, where I act. Instead of the horror setup, it is cleaned out and there is a piano and part of a grocery store set up.

The grocery store is set up like a street market, with fresh fruits in brown wooden cargo boxes, on tall stands. It only takes up a small area by the front door.

There is a piano on the other end of the building. The farthest corner from the entrance, away from all windows. It is made with a light red wood, classic style.

The manager rolls the piano over to the middle of the floor and starts to play it. I am filled with anxiety because he is playing it so well and I am impatient that I want to be playing it, instead. 

There is a man that is very tall, about seven feet.  He is all black tar and he glides across the floor when he walks and causes a disturbing smell like death.

He says to me telepathically, that I can see him because I died before and came back to life. He says he will take my soul on my next death. 

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Friday, October 14th 2016

9:47 AM

Celebrity Cleaning

I am with Melissa Gorga, from the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and she is at a house, that is not the one from on t.v. It is smaller, and more comfortable looking.

She asks me to read her palms, and I look at her hands and marvel at the mound of Apollo, where she has two distinct lines that curl up, in the shape of the zodiac symbol for aries. I tell her that is amazing for arts and business.

We are sitting out back at a white patio table by a pool. I walk over and I look at the pool and I realize there is no chemicals in it, and it is very dirty, so we drain the pool.

When the pool is drained, there is green seaweed like a moss, all over the bottom of the pool. I wanted to swim but, not after that, so she goes away, and I try to clean it. 

Then, Ariana Grande, a pop star, comes over and talks to me by, the pool, and says that she wants me to be in a performance with her. She wants me to play a mexican house maid. 

We perform the play in the back room, facing out, towards the pool. The room has a wooden table with oranges on it, a blue couch, and a t.v. There is no doors so, it is facing outside. 

While I am acting, I see thousands of people sitting in the crowd, in the backyard, past the pool, just watching us. 

The whole performance is improv, and it is very fun. Ariana plays the woman in the house and I come in and speak spanish, and clean things, during her performance, to make it seem real.

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Monday, October 10th 2016

3:53 AM


I am walking into an empty room and all I can see is my bare feet moving fast against the hardwood floor.

I see a powder blue dress about mid length floating above my ankle in a cotton fabric. I do not see above this at all but, only where my feet are going, further and further, into the room.

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Friday, October 7th 2016

11:30 AM

ListenIng To The Band

The house I am in is wooden everywhere and filled with a clutter of wooden furniture! 

There is a band of young men playing musical instruments in the garage. They want me to listen to them and say what I think. 

Paul grabs my arm and brings me upstairs to a bedroom filled with furniture. He gives me a drink which has a spritz of alcohol in it!

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Wednesday, October 5th 2016

11:26 AM

Playing Piano

I am in a dimly lit room with hardwood floors, black walls and one window on the far wall.

There is a large black piano, my laptop, a recording keyboard and a small lamp on the end, by the door.

On the other side is a mattress that lays on there, like a cot, with metal sides, and white sheets, that is on the floor.

There is a tall and skinny disabled man on the cot,stretched out. He is paralyzed and he cannot talk. I am caretaking him the whole dream, I stop to reposition him and turn him in between playing the music.

The song I am playing on the piano, is a dramatic song about the haunted woods and houses by the shoreline of where I am.

After I compose the melody, I then try to record it onto the laptop, with the square electric recording keys and then the keys on my laptop.

At the same time, I just keep going back and forth, talking to the patient, and trying to make them feel comfortable.

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Tuesday, October 4th 2016

12:07 PM


I am in some sort of store, that reminds me of Safeway. The bathrooms are in the corner, and there is stairs leading upstairs by them.

The bathrooms are full, so I keep walking up and down the stairs. I haven't showered in days because I am greasy, and I smell and I just keep looking for fresh water to cleanse with.

A woman that is watching me try to clean up, offers to put some baking soda in my hair. I agree but, I am still waiting to try to use the clean water.

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Wednesday, September 28th 2016

12:14 PM

Hunt For The Fireball

I am at a space camp. Outside, there is a huge expanse of dark skies and faraway glowing stars.

I am in a place where there is a huge circular white stone enclosure all around us. There is many people in a room with me. They are wearing lab coats and black professional clothes and shoes, underneath.

Everyone stops to look up out the glass top of the hallways to see a fireball flash and go out. The data on the screen, of the tv, mounted on a wall, predicts it is 3 miles away.

A person in military type clothes, that are a moon colored camo, tells me that I have to go track it down and recover some of the pieces. 

I am in all black and I walk three miles north to an exit out of the facility. I remember having a long talk with the guy at the exit who was wearing very thick glasses, about the fireball. He hands me a cream colored puffy coat suit and I put it on.

As soon as I exit the building, time stops and then the dream stops.

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Tuesday, September 27th 2016

3:42 PM

Almost Loosing My Teeth

I am at my dentist's office. There is the female dentist with long dark hair in a white coat and the two dental assistants, who are also female, with long and dark hair. They are wearing colorful scrubs in neon patterns.

I am in the patient chair and I have my mouth opened as they are inspecting my teeth. There is a plastic oval in my mouth, that is holding it open.

They are very concerned about my three bottom teeth. All of the gums have gone missing, there is a brown ring, and just bone.The teeth right there are hurting so bad that I can really feel it in my mind. 

They are amazed and speaking in muffled voices that is hard for me to make out, they are amongst themselves and I am in my head, shocked by what is happening.

They tell me they cannot believe that my teeth have not fallen out yet, and that we must hurry to try and fix them. I am so afraid to loose my teeth. 



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Monday, September 26th 2016

12:45 PM

People Living In The Basement

I am in an old wooden house, that has cracks and broken boards coming off of the walls. It has a deck that is falling apart and a basement that is filled with dirt.

In the bathroom, I am looking into the toilet, because there is a hole in the porcelain, and a view of the basement. 

I can see people in the room, and there is about four of them. They are all in their late 20's. They are dressed like hobos, in winter coats with holes in them, and tattered jeans. 

They act as if they are cold and tired. There is only dirt in the basement, so they are sitting on the mounds, and rubbing their hands together. 

I get really freaked out and I try to move out of the house because the people are not supposed to be in there. I get really worried about someone hurting me and so I leave. 

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Saturday, September 24th 2016

12:23 PM

Tea Blessing Ceremony

I am in someone's house and it is carpeted with a dark carpet. The rooms are all on different levels, where you have to use steps. 

The room that I am mainly standing in, is a living room.  There is a tall wooden bookshelf and many books.

There is a dark wooden living room table in the center of the house, and no walls dividing, so this is the view from the area that I am in.

I have a hot cup of tea on this table in the kitchen. I drink the tea, and my spirit guide advises me to blow tea smoke in all of the corners of the house to banish evil, and so I do this. 

I inhale the smoke from the tea and work round the house, blowing smoke and banishing evil. 

The owner of the house is there. She is young, with dark hair and she is watching me do this. 

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Friday, September 23rd 2016

2:09 PM


The scene starts in outer space. There is a huge fireball shooting by like a meteor. It is black space that I am seeing, of the universe. 

When I see back onto the Earth, then I am in someone's trailer house. There is a very large white woman in her middle ages giving a large white dog a bath.

At first, I am trying to go in the bath to help but, then I see all kinds of little bugs coming off of the dog, so I jump out quickly!

When I go to the bedroom, there is a hallway that is filled with mirrors and bar stools up to them. I sit at one of these and I am imagining the fireball in space, when Britney Spears comes into the trailer. The door is right next to the hallway.

She said she needs me to make her a choker necklace and I say o.k. and make her one, out of gray velvet. Then, when I give it to her, I leave in a black car.

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Thursday, September 22nd 2016

11:13 AM

Business Cards

It is real hot outside and dry. I am in a passenger seat of a car, and I can see outside the window, to the building we are headed.

Paul is driving and I roll the window down all the way to look at the long dry grass in a field, that has been abandoned. I am so worried about a spark igniting a grassfire. 

We park at a building full of offices. The car is black, new, and also is all dark inside. The asphalt is hot and I can see the energy radiating off of it. 

I feel the sun on my legs, my arms, and my stomach. I am wearing a black skirt, which falls to the ground, yet has tall slits for my legs. I  have a top that is sleeveless, bares the top part of my stomach, and has a colorful mix of lines made of dark purples, oranges, browns, dark blues, black, all swirled together into a linear design. 

My hair is straight and long, lightened at the ends. I have a crossbody gold chain purse, made of velvet, over my left shoulder. I am in healthy shape.

We walk into the building, and it is a black door with glass and offices listed on it in. The first room is a hallway that is curved in at a square angle, going in the shape of a peculiar letter "C." The floor is a cream white tile.

We walk into the front desk, which is black and we are told to just go down a straight hallway and collect business cards from the offices. It is a woman with dark hair, wearing a royal blue suit talking to us.

All the offices look the same, with black furniture, computers and pamphlets and other reading materials. There is a radio station, news outlets and other communication sources.

By the time that we are walking back to the car, I have so many business cards, together, they must weigh at least 7 pounds. They are loose, piled up, like trading cards.

I remember I had some from Perez Hilton, news stations, radio stations, and all kinds of different social media outlets and so much more!

As soon as we are pulling out of the parking lot, I see the sun spark some dry grass by the building, with one of its rays. It only smokes a little bit, and then appears to go out, as we drive away.

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Monday, September 19th 2016

7:19 PM

A Stabbing

I am waiting in a dark room, so black, that it is hard to see anything. There is red velvet ropes on the sides of the line that I am waiting in. 

There is a female that is standing behind me. I do not know what she is saying because she is speaking so softly. I know that she is shorter than me because I can feel the difference.

All of a sudden, a man in a dark hood comes out of nowhere and stabs me in the left arm, with a box cutter, and I collapse on the ground. The girl behind me grabs me to try and help me and then, I black out.

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Friday, September 16th 2016

1:10 PM

Taylor Swift Backstage

I am in a huge cement room. The space is as large as a basketball court. It is grey cement on the floor, wall and ceiling. 

There is a crappy old white couch with alot of cushions and pillows of the same tone. The couch is against the wall, across from the open door, that is not built to close, its only a square arch in the wall. 

I am sitting on the left side of the couch, my arm on the furniture,hair down, when Taylor Swift walks in. She has a black headset microphone on and her hair is short and wavy,a dark ash blonde. She is wearing a light pink tube top and a white, romantic, flowing, mid length skirt. 

She walks in the room with purpose, and she sits right next to me. There is other people in the room, walking around. There must not be anywhere else to sit.

She smiles at me and falls asleep on my right shoulder. She is exhausted and when she is sleeping, she looks really passed out. It looks very angelic.

When she wakes up to finish the show, she smiles at me again, and stands up. Then, I ask her to take a selfie, so I can remember her but, none of the pictures come out.

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Thursday, September 15th 2016

10:35 AM

Being of Light

I lay in my bed, in an altered state, while I fall asleep. The moonlight gently but powerful, seeps in through the gray blinds on the window above my bed.

The moon shadows are causing visions in my head. The shadow is white and I reach out with my hand, to wipe away the veil.

There is a very tall being, about seven feet high. It is all white moon shadow energy. The face is long and the eyes are wide. It has no hair or clothes.

It watches me as I sleep, and leans over to touch the covers on the bed. It moves in such a way that a nurse or family member, at a hospital would do, with love.

Than, the veil falls back down again like the finale at a theatre with the lights turning off and the emptyness setting in.

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Wednesday, September 14th 2016

10:13 AM

Canceled Dance Class

I am in a studio with wood floors and cement walls. There is only one small window on the right side of the room. 

I am questioning two girls that are in there with questions like, "Was the dance class moved?" and "Did I get the days mixed up?"

One of the girls, with chocolate skin and dark hair in curls up to her ears, is there. She has on gray leggings and chocolate colored leg warmers and a black leotard. 

She is sitting there beside a red haired girl that has a boyish body, and she is wearing a pale pink leotard with lavender leggings and black ballet flats. 

They say I can't go to the class because I missed the first day. I ask them when the instructor was going to be there and they didn't answer me. It was frustrating and I was trying to get my money back.

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Tuesday, September 13th 2016

11:18 AM

Life and Death

There is a warehouse that has a top floor and a bottom floor. I am not sure what they are selling but, there is boxes and cans everywhere in the facility, all cluttered up. 

There is many dark haired and light skinned people in the place. They are all holding silver guns and attacking different people. They are all wearing black.

I look down and realize that I am pregnant. Paul is there as well, but, he keeps following around the people with the silver guns and looking in fear, to do what they say.

I separate from him and I find a woman with dark long hair, my age that is scared and she locked herself into a small closet. I open the door and we try to leave the place.

We can never find the right place, or opportunity, so I give birth to a female newborn that has pale skin. I grab her in my arms and after awhile, we seize an opportunity to escape from the building.We run up some steep cement stairs.

The building is buried in a hole in the dirt, so we have to climb up the hole, up dirt, to get back onto the surface.

Paul becomes a phantom, living in the past and I walk on back to reality. 


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