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Tuesday, August 30th 2016

1:42 PM

Tree Inside

 I am following my intuition. I  am inside a beat up truck, just driving around.  The air outside is fresh and clear.  I can feel it on my face, while I drive. 

 I am being led to this house in the countryside. The house has no owner, it's beat down. 

 It must be fall because, all around us are leaves from tall maple trees. It feels like fall. The sun looks as if it will be going down soon.

 I go to the door of the house.It appears to be the size of a studio. The door is white and plain, like any other.  

 I open the door and inside is a massive tree. The trunk is large, spiraling, and the bark is white. The leaves are still light green,heart shaped, unlike any other trees outside.

 I jump on top of the tree, because, I'm feeling a playfulness, like as a little girl would do.  As soon as I am walking on the tree,I am beginning to feel dizzy and I remember climbing down and passing out on the ground.

 When I black out, I can hear the voice of the tree, which sounds almost demonic. It tells me his name, which I do not remember,  and than, it grabs onto me and speaks with me but, it has no intention of harming me.It simply is showing possession over the tree.  

When I am strong enough to stand up against the force, I walk outside into my truck. It's night time now and I drive around in wonder.

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Monday, August 29th 2016

11:21 AM

Water Baseball

I am in a public swimming pool that has metal chain link fencing all around it. There is also bases floating in the water to play baseball games.

There is a small crowd watching, and I can actually see that my dad is there and so is my brother Wes. They are sitting outside of a mahogany vehicle with a removable shell top. In reality, they never made time to support me in anything I choose for myself, so its very comforting. 

It's my turn to bat. The water is high, up to my chest almost. It has to be around five foot deep. 

The white baseball flies towards me and I hit it hard and perfect, it shoots out of the stadium. Everyone is excited.

I run the bases and I am happy. When, I go stand in the lineup, a woman comes over and gives me tickets to golfing for free. It makes me even happier because, I been wanting to go golfing for years.

When the game is over, and I go back towards where my dad is, he acts like I don't even exist. 

My brother Wes is crying and drinking a beer, so my father gets out a big silver metal horse, the size of me and gives it to him, explaining that he has had that horse for nine years. 

I walk away and go back over to my team, and load up into the back of a truck with my teammates and we drive away.It is bitter sweet. 

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Sunday, August 28th 2016

10:41 AM

Drug Bust

I am in a house that is very dark inside. My parents are living there. My stepmom and my father are very caring, in my dream.They check on us very lovingly, to see if we are ok. 

Abby is there as well, she is my sister.  She is in my parents room, which is very dark and hard to see in as well, and cluttered with furniture. 

Abby is holding a huge bag with a rock of Meth inside.  She tries to give me some and I have a vision of drug enforcement agency coming out of the motel, chasing this line of drug. 

I don't take the drugs and then she offers me a huge pink pill, that she crushes up and snorts. 

I was freaking out because I said," That's the drug on the news that might be laced with heroin." 

The next thing we know, the DEA is in the house. There is a woman with black shoulder length hair, very thin and pale. 

They are asking me questions and they have me hooked up to a lie detector test. The woman was asking me things that did not seem relevant, like, if my parents were caring and if they had souls. Then, at one point she exclaimed, "I can't believe they did that to you." I can't remember all the questions, it was a long process.

Abby took all the drugs at once when they showed up. I didn't get in any trouble but, I think she got in a little bit of it.

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Thursday, August 25th 2016

11:42 AM

Money in my Pocket

I am sitting in a red car. The car seems to be from the 90's. I am in the passenger seat.

I lift up my feet, they are in black combat style boots and I place them onto the black dashboard.

I notice that I am in green camo pants, that have cargo pockets everywhere. I look down to a cargo pocket by my foot and notice it is full. 

I unzip my pocket and pull out a large black wallet that is overstuffed with cash. There is one dollar bills, a hundred dollar bill, twenties, fifties and tens. 

I keep counting the money, but because the money isn't organized, I loose track at about five hundred dollars. I try to fit it back into the wallet, and then jam it in my pants.

I put my hand over next to the stereo, and try to put on a song but, there is bees in front of the radio, so I don't want to touch it.

The terrain is becoming more sandy, desolate and forsaken, the longer that we drive on. 

The person driving is a young man in military gear. He is light skinned, with a tan and short army style hair. 

We keep driving into the sandy hills.

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Tuesday, August 23rd 2016

11:31 AM

Thomas Ravenel

Here we are in a mansion, my paranormal squad and I. There is red mood lighting everywhere. 

The floors are wooden, the walls are tall and high. The rooms are cluttered with books, knick knacks and over sized furniture.

We are trying to be quiet, it's obviously the middle of the night. I don't know why, but there is a bunch of old people in hospital gowns, sleeping in this mansion, and they are ghosts.

I hear ravens sounding off, as everyone in my team falls off to sleep.They are announcing the presence of the man of the place.

 A character from a tv show, comes quietly in with powerful footsteps that echo in the walls like they belong there forever.

"So it is you and your family, that can never leave this house," I say. We quietly move to the front of the house to appease the old male ghost that looks on over this house with authority.

We are setting up red and black candles everywhere and I hear voices of his and mine ancestors speaking on the mystical power of his last name. 

"Do you understand, your ability for magick and these occult secrets are your divine right?" I asked. 

The old mans voice says, "He will know, he will know."

Yet, I am the only one to make it through without a sound and the others are left sleeping too long.

Before I leave, I eat a big juicy piece of meat and I am a vegetarian so, it is quite odd. The front doors open to the morning light, and I leave, alone.

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Friday, August 19th 2016

12:11 PM

Griffin Land

There is a magical place, where there is a cliff on the edge of the mountainside and blue skies and clouds for miles and miles. This place is a facility with many people, dormitories,cafeteria, and relationships. 

I am there with people from my past that I used to know.Mostly, they are the people that broke my heart as a young woman. 

I make friends with some new people, and we are walking outside on a tower's edge, the edge of the mountain.

There is a dense forest to the side, but it is filled with trees who have plump and ripe fruits, but do not look like any fruits on Earth. 

I walk on the edge of the mountain side and my heart is in a lot of pain.

There is a young man who jumps off the cliff to commit suicide and a brown Griffin, rises off the bottom of the ledge and saves him. 

The Griffin sees me and signals me with his eyes, to jump on him and he flies very fast, as I hop on and we soar high, into the trees where I grab fruits that look like pomegranates, breaking one apart to taste the sweet nectar. 

The people below are screaming and shouting with joy and honour. "He chose you! This is very special, This is very rare, This never happens and it's happening!" and I bond with the Griffin, and my heart is filled with peace, knowing we are one in the pain and healing and it is beautiful.

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Thursday, August 18th 2016

2:05 PM

Glittering Amethyst

In my dream, I am looking at the ocean waves  glittering, sparkling, in the sunlight. Then, I see amethyst crystals, like confetti, in the midnight. It fills my heart with peace. 

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Tuesday, August 16th 2016

11:29 AM

A Search

It is dark out. It is not pitch black, but, a beautiful gray color mixed with shades of dark blue. I am standing there, at the bottom of a grassy hill, looking up to where the top reaches, which is a road.

I am standing outside of a small wooden house, that is very close to similar ones. There is a small bit of light, coming from the houses.There is people next to me, young, speaking, saying someone is looking for me.

Then we see what they speak about. There is a tall and muscular silhouette, clothed in a black hooded robe with glitter about on it, which catches starlight and sparkles.

We are afraid to speak with him, so we just watch. At first, he is walking the road, though he seems indecisive. Then, he drives in a silver car, but, in the passenger side, looking about, out the window for me. 

I guess that the hill skewed his vision and that he can't see down to where we are. We are unable to speak and move, as the mysterious being tries to reach me.


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Monday, August 15th 2016

10:00 AM

Blue Starry Eyes

I am in ethereal form and I am standing in front of a young blonde girl. She is approximately 11 years old. 

I look into her eyes and they are pale blue. She has the same colored shade painted as a large five pointed star, over each eye.

She is wearing all white clothing and I know that she is an extraordinarily gifted child. Her eyes have a color to them that seems divine, almost extraterrestrial. 

I seem to understand that this is a way to ward off evil. She seems to be semi aware that I am there. Then, I am gone in a white void of light.

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Thursday, August 11th 2016

10:17 AM

Mad Babysitter

I enter a home to stay for the weekend. It is cluttered with alot of furniture,toys, pictures and papers and there is several people living here. 

The entranceway is a brown door. Inside there is white tile and a light pink carpet. The kitchen is to the right of this room and there is two brown kitchen tables with pizzas on them. 

The kitchen has a white fridge and two brown tables.One has the home made pizza on it and is by the fridge, on a pale blue tile floor. The other table is on the carpet by the entrance way, where there is people eating. 

The people look like jr high students. There is a girl with honey colored, shoulder length hair and a boy with ash blonde and black square cut glasses.

They leave when I enter the room. I am with Paul and I put down my bag and gray sweater, which I was holding in my hands, in front of me.

There is a note on the table, and it is on a small piece of white, dainty paper. I pick it up to look closer. The ink is purple gel and it reads with babysitting directions. The directions are typical, i.e. when to go to bed, wake up and emergency numbers.

Another small child enters the room. He is about six years old and has blonde hair and silver framed, round style glasses. He is wearing tshirt and sweats, like his siblings. He hugs me and says hello and then goes into the back of the house, where the kids rooms are. 

I sit in the living room with Paul, after I have a mild freak out about how there is no vegetables on the pizza and I'm a vegetarian. 

The living room is on the other side of the entranceway.The two couches are gray. There is a lavender glass vase filled with long, dried pieces of lavender, cat's tails and wheat sticking out high above the lipped, oval top, on a plain brown coffee table here. 

All of a sudden, one of the boys comes running out of the room and screaming and freaking out at us. We call the parents and they say they will come home. 

He keeps screaming and crying until the parents come home. The mother has long black hair and the father has blonde hair. The couple is in their 40's. 

I remember getting very angry, before walking out the door with Paul. 

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Wednesday, August 10th 2016

10:52 AM

Kim Kardashian as Cleopatra

There is a house that is all white marble inside. The house is very bright and clean. There is a sky blue and gold colored spiral staircase, like from a lighthouse, coming down from the next level.

Kim Kardashian, the most physically beautiful & successful woman in pop culture, right now is there.

Her hair is silky straight, shining and healthy. It is midnight black and she is wearing blue & gold eyeshadow,kohl eyeliner, dark red and black edged lips, just like paintings of egyptian beauties of the ancient magical world.

I looked at her outfit; it looks like an egyptian goddess, with skin tight gold and sheer openings with cutouts and real jewels, all over, going to the floor like rain from Venus, into the Earth, to be reborn again into different incarnations. 

I said to myself, "Kim K reminds me so much of Cleopatra." 

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Friday, August 5th 2016

3:10 PM


I am holding my pink guitar in my hand and I am re-stringing it. The strings are soft, and I stretch them out with my finger.

I am sitting down, on a stool, in a music store with a lot of other people. I continue to look down at the neck of the instrument, and carefully place my fingers underneath the wood.

I pick an electronic tuner up, off of the floor and place it in my lap. I adjust the notes, until they are in key. Then, I begin to play music and it fills me with great happiness. 

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Wednesday, August 3rd 2016

2:01 PM

White and Gold

I am in a wide and open space, that looks like an event building. It is a dome shape, with large white and gold stairways, spiraling all around the circular edges, to upper floors.

I leave one floor, where my dentist office is and I go up the stairs. As I go higher up, I stop on a plane in between the stairs.

I stop and talk to a tall man, with brown hair, tied in a green ribbon,shoulder length, and doll perfect skin. He is in a navy blue jacket, white shirt and gold buttons.He has a black ribbon around the collar of his square neck shirt.He wears black boots, made of a material that is luminous, like starlight on metal.

There is a pot, made from clay and glazed with a light coat of white,circular, swirling, paint. It is glazed with a glossy clear coat.The plant inside is tall and green, waxy, wide leaves.

As I gather the information about the pot, the man does not say anything, he smiles contently and puts his hands in his pant pockets. He is much taller than I am.

I notice why he is smiling. I notice I am in black, classic style, six inch heels, made from the same material as his shoes. I am wearing a white, luminous, evening gown, above the knee in pleats, with a black jewel belt of stars, that reaches into ribbons, like arms, hugging each other into a bow that ties up in the back. The straps are about one inch across, and they glow in the golden light. 

The floors are a white marble, with swirls of black and gold. I look down, because I hear the voices of the people echoing off of the space.

The man beckons me upstairs, where he takes my hand and guides me to where the next floor is, with balconies like that of a temple of the Greek gods.

I notice my hair then, it is dark blonde, curling and braided like a goddess, tied up with a black ribbon, half up and half down. 

He leads us up and his smile is contagious, as he goes with joy and excellence.


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Monday, August 1st 2016

1:22 PM

Hot Lava & Time Traval

Underneath the ocean is a volcano. The volcano shoots up a stream of hot lava into the sky. It turns into a land of time. It says a year in black numbers, 1556. 

I time travel to this year and I am in someone's house, upstairs. The house has a window in a upstairs bedroom, like a miniature castle. The stone is a brown colored  shade. The place is furnished with expensive desks and beds.

The person in the house is playing with genetics in my body and has cloned a dog, and two children. The bodies are lifeless at first and then they come to life. They die again, very easily. 

The window is tall and when I jump through it, I land in some grass. I run into he forest to escape and go back home, through the ocean.

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Sunday, July 31st 2016

10:03 AM

A Grassy Hill

I am walking up a steep hill of long grass and then I walk back down again. The grass is dark green and blueish. 

The hill is not very tall or long, as I can walk it in a few moments. I am wearing shorts and a t-shirt and a black baseball hat.

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Tuesday, July 26th 2016

10:14 AM

The Hollywood Medium

There is a black, two door truck that appears to be a few years older than new.The windows are rolled down. The truck is in a green meadow, where there is only dirt roads. There is a snow capped mountain in the distance.

I hear a crow cawing and I look towards the sky, which is very blue with a few scattered clouds. The crow comes out of the sky and rests on the truck window, passenger side.

I look inside the truck and I see Tyler, the Hollywood Medium, from the E channel.He is sitting in front of a huge,black, steering wheel. He appears to be lost, as he is looking on a crumpled piece of paper.

Telepathically, he is saying that he is looking for a woman alcoholic, that is now missing. The woman appears in my mind. She has brunette hair, wears blue jeans and is heavy. 

Tyler just keeps mumbling to hiself and looking at the paper, while I watch on from the spiritual realms,of above.

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Friday, July 22nd 2016

1:15 PM

Yellow Sunglasses

I am walking through a grocery store with pale blue tiles and high white metal shelves. I look on top of the tallest one, from below and I see a pair of yellow sunglasses.

The sunglasses have silver wire frames and yellow lens. The lens are in the shape of tanning goggles. They have small design,which only covers your eye and lid.

They float down off of the shelf to me and I hear a voice say, they are for me. I wear them and they are truly hideous, which has me wondering even more about the concepts of beauty and fashion.

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Thursday, July 21st 2016

12:29 PM

Twin Boys

There is two dark blonde haired twin boys. They are each approximately thirteen. One of them is asking for a check which I had but, I accidentally spilled ice water on it. 


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Friday, July 15th 2016

2:51 PM

Ascension and Descension

There is a place that resembles a concrete parking lot. The structure and design is square and it rises to the top. However, the whole thing is not concrete, just the first three levels.

At first, I find myself on the top level as if that is where I was placed to start. My hands are in the dirt and my feet on the ground, like I am ready to run a race.

This scene is entirely dirt yet, it is a parking lot. Cars from the nineties fills up the surroundings. One in particular, a silver type car with four doors catches my eye.

There is no walls or borders up here, only the sky, which is orange and blue but, no sign of glowing lights. No sound is heard. 

I decide to descend to the bottom levels as there is no other logical way out. As I go to the elevator, I see my shoes, which are athletic sneakers, slim bottoms; black and white. 

As I pass down the levels it seems to turn into memories of another time.

I remember going to the casino that only exist in my dream. I am trying to give it money and it will not take it. I remember trying to shove two shiny silver quarters in there but, it won't go, so I can never gamble. 

Then, I think of food and what I am going to be eating and it suddenly is very dark and I am walking alone. I realize I am in all black like the night. 

I reach the last level and it is cement and there is plants, such as ferns, coming through this moist and puffy dirt which reaches to ground level,on the borders, at my eye level, onto the outside. It seems to be almost underground but, there is light seeping back in.

Than, I see my husband at the doorway and as soon as I go to meet him it starts back over again. 

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Wednesday, July 13th 2016

11:37 AM

A dog massacre

 I am living in a cabin. I'm standing on the back porch made with wood. It is dark and it is snowing. There is dogs like Huskies and German Shepherd's bodies, lying in the snow;mothers and puppies. They are dead right under a pine tree beside the porch, which sits on the ground.

I have a flashback where I slit the dogs and puppies throats with a knife. There's about eight of them. I am freaked out and I am having the vision and I can't believe I would do such a thing. I keep praying to God and saying that the next ones I won't kill; I'm so sorry. 

Someone brings over a baby puppy Pekinese that was just like Hannah; my dog. It is white paws and black fur and face. It plays so cute as a old man walks her on a leash for us. The old man said she cost $350, and we can't afford that, so they leave.


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Monday, July 11th 2016

10:04 AM

Walking dogs

There is a very large house with iron gate fencing all around the perimeter. The iron is sharp and pointy. It is a rusty lime green color.  It appears before that it was probably white.  It is angular and comes up in long points  where the smallest edges are on the side and it gradually comes taller the closer it gets to the middle. 

 I am going around the side with three other people;two adults and one male child. The design of the house is squarely structured.  The paint of the garage is varying degrees in shades of blue in the front of the property. 

We are walking a variety of dogs. There is my Pekingese and my husbands Corky and also the three people each have their own dog. One is a small brown lap dog.  The other two are larger breed; something that resembles black labradors,  yet more angular in shape.  

We are walking fast because we are all afraid of something and in a deep state of paranoia.   Whatever we are running from, we refuse to name it.  Whoever the homeowner is; he isn't there and we are waiting for him and speaking of him while we go. We are walking out the gate of which I opened. We plan to come back in and when we do I plan to close the gate. 

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Saturday, July 9th 2016

5:51 PM

Anne Rice

 Anne Rice, a best selling author is at a black desk and she is looking out the window in contemplation. I am viewing her as if I am viewing a video, as an outsider.

Her hair is short and silver with bangs. In her pale hands is a greeting card and there is plastic necklace cabochon buttons, glued in groups of fives inside the card so to fill up the whole thing. They are brown colors with paint splashed over like blue, yellow, red and green.

The first group is circular, the next teardrop and the next oval. The ones on the right side of the card are a different shape as well.She looks on at them very sentimentally. 


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Thursday, July 7th 2016

8:50 AM

Justin Bieber

I am in a dimly lit auditorium. The reason that I am there is because there is a man, about thirty with a brown beard, in a black Tshirt, that brought me here. He lives next to the auditorium and he said his sister went missing. He was showing me clothes his sister owned and going through the pockets to see if there's traces of drugs or other evidence.

There is metal bleacher stands lined up inside         against the back wall, about three of them. Justin Bieber is performing his song, What do you mean, all by hiself, without gimmicks or dancers. 

We are on the far left side and I am sitting on a sandy surface. It collapses and there is a secret underground room beneath the auditorium. It is really dark in there, but you can see the room and it leads back to the mans room. 

His room is only a bedroom with a bed, electronics and a royal green colored carpet. His bed has a black comforter. He is in anguish trying to figure out the mystery of where his sister is. 

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Wednesday, July 6th 2016

5:51 PM

Prisoner of war

I am in some sort of indoor junkyard. There is rusty broke down cars everywhere & broke down play ground sets & all this seems to be indoors.

 I am hiding in some sort of white pod behind a rusted broke down car.  There is a blue tarp over the pod. 

 I can understand that we are in the middle of a war. First,Paul lifts the tarp and checks on me and tells me not to move because they're coming. 

 I am very scared and very still. I remember laying in the pod & thinking, my God I hope they don't find me because of my beauty because they will make an example of me and probably rape or kill me in front of a large group of people. 

 A dark skinned man with dark hair holding some sort of large gun that resembles a rifle, lifts up the tarp over the pod.  Just as soon as he is about to look inside of the pod, there is some sort of an alarm where he runs back to his leader. 

 When everything is safe, I get out to look around.  I walk around all the perimeter's, looking at all the junk.  This place is very unusual. 

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Monday, July 4th 2016

11:11 AM

Stuck in a house

I am in the house. The house is dimly lit. The house has dark blue carpet that is shaggy and long. The house has white walls.

 I am sitting in the living room speaking with a dark lady.She is in a red shirt on a light gray sofa.She has mocha and cinnamon skin and Earth eyes.  She is a big plump forty something lady and her hair curls to just past her shoulders in waves. She is sitting to my right talking about hair extensions for $500.

 I remember thinking that I am poor and I can't leave this house and watching her leave and me trying to figure out how she did it all. Then, I was really having anxiety and I couldn't even walk out the door.

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