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Friday, February 14th 2020

11:38 AM

Drama Room

Taking the stance of the third person in a small white room, that is unseen and undelivered, I silently watch. It is as if I am from another dimension because no one seems to notice that I am there.

The way the ground is rocking makes it clear that we are on a yacht. The room is finely decorated with theatrical items. The masks are made of porcelain and painted with rich jewel colors, metals and decorated finely with ribbons.

I come eye to eye with a mime doll who looks at me from his position. He has a permanent smile painted on with forethought. His lips are parted with red ink and he has a spirit friend.

The spirit in the room is a guardian animal. It watches over all the masks. It had part in creating them when they were inspired and so continues in loyalty to protect them, as they are very powerful in essence, but fragile in our reality, much like all spiritual things are.

He has black and grey fur and growls lowly under his voice if anyone comes to close to them. His eyes glow green like peridot fires set into a fierce statue. Sometimes the people can hear them, but oftentimes not.

A woman comes into the room to take some jewelry out of a white shiny dresser, which has a fancy mirror bent in three places on top. In the mirror you can see she has had surgery to make herself perfect.

When she looks into the mirror however, a mask falls off the wall. She does not notice, but seems to blame the wind and waves instead and leaves the room. The mask does not break, but it remains fallen on the ground.

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Monday, February 10th 2020

9:31 PM

The Red Spider & A Cocoon

I was having another lucid dream and I saw a giant red spider on the curtains of the back door crawling very fast in between the fabrics. I woke up and I thought I was still dreaming seeing it again.

Then in the next dream I was sleeping in a house that has wooden floors everywhere. The bed is very fluffy and white and then I noticed that it was actually a cocoon that I was in and I felt so relaxed.

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Friday, February 7th 2020

10:11 PM

Black Energy Ball

This is a lucid dream which I'm having, so as its taking place I am in my bed thinking this is happening. I woke up and stared at the ceiling because I saw a huge black ball that looked like it was electrical, but layered like yarn in a ball, just not symmetrical and perfectly layered because there are spaces in between.

It floats across the ceiling with a tail behind it that is about three feet long. It looks like a black ribbon that is smoking instead of solid. It looks like it was stopping over me until it realized I was awake and then it slowly disappeared.

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Wednesday, February 5th 2020

4:36 PM

Eating Cheddar Cheese

I find myself in a dark and small room by candlelight. My cat Love that I used to have ten years ago is there with me. She is a black and white cat.

We are both eating a bunch of blocks of yellowish orange cheddar cheese. It tastes very delicious.

Then, the scene switches to a marsh. There is a lot of deep water, reeds and overhanging branches. I can hear multiple birds singing happy songs.

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Tuesday, February 4th 2020

11:53 AM

Tattoo Arm

It starts out that I am sitting at a table with long white candles and I am interviewing a person for a date or some type of situation and they ask me what I do. The place that we are is on a lake so I tell him I work there as a lifeguard.

Then after the date I go back to my room and it is so dark and dreary with rain falling outside the window. I tattoo my left arm with tattoos in brown ink. The specific ones that I remember are a woman's face with a diamond choker and a long lightning bolt on the edge of my forearm.

I am playing with my tattoo gun and making more marks on myself throughout the dream. I specifically focus on my other arm which is bare. I remember thinking a lot about work and money.

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Sunday, January 26th 2020

8:17 PM

Giant Moon

The weather is icy cold and I realize that I am standing on a cliff. There is a white trailer that is sitting in trees in a crevice of the mountain. The sky is dark shades of purple and blue.

I can see the clouds turning grey and shifting in the air currents slowly. They seem to be alive. It is like they are dancing around the moonlight. The moon grows super large and I reach out and touch it.

I get so excited that the next day I go and get a couple masculine people to show this too and it is far away and I cannot see any details, it just seems like a flash in the clouds while before it was like a magic stone with all the shapes and designs in it.

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Saturday, January 25th 2020

11:40 AM

Keyboards Everywhere

I'm walking through a house that has really narrow hallways and very thick light blue carpeting. The walls are really thin. I touch them and they move around.

In every nook and cranny there are keyboards. They are in the closets, behind secret doors and at the ends of the rooms and hallways.

I see a bunch of little kids running around and playing with the instruments and then I see a popular musician that I follow named Aaron Carter and he is playing the keys and the kids are making a bunch of noise so he goes to the bedroom.

Then, he says that he has to check my back for something and I am not sure what so he lifts my shirt and looks at my back and doesn't find whatever mark or something he wants to see.

Then the day turns to night and he goes outside and is playing a keyboard in the moonlight. He falls asleep in a black truck.

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Friday, January 24th 2020

9:50 AM

111 Degrees

The news is on the t.v. and everyone is freaking out and claiming that it is 111 degrees in the middle of March. It starts to get people really worried about how the summer is going to turn out.

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Wednesday, January 22nd 2020

10:24 AM

In My Phone

So, I keep having moments of intense synchronicity in life and dream. Like I would see signs constantly and hear repeated words of things that I pray. On tv and video it seems like I am actually being recorded. For example, I will go to grab the phone even and hear a person on video say "Hold the Phone."

I thought I had hackers in my phone so bad because I keep dreaming about it and the signs that I keep encountering, but according to the tech people only high levels of government could remotely enter your phone unless there was an encoded app or link. So, I started thinking maybe I am just so psychic that I am picking this up first.

So, I was suspicious and I made a phone call because of a high profile person I was studying for an article seemed to really know things about me and try to control with the information. No one had access to this conversation at all, it was a complete stranger to me and said person although I was already suspicious they were recording me. I told no one!

Lo and behold the person I study is online constantly so I can see calls they receive. The lady was undercover calling as someone else etc, different story because they are investigating and the person listening kept saying I know what this is because I have insider information etc... How the Hell, it isn't possible...

So, I am worried because I have attracted secret societies of very elite people and even heard this person has tried to hire hits out so have been stressing as to why... If ANYTHING happens it is an angel of death... The only other thing I can think is this person is demon possessed, so therefore is telepathic...many theories...

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Tuesday, January 21st 2020

11:33 AM

Dog with Cancer

A person is leaving for work and they hire me as the house and dog sitter. The dog is brown and black colored with medium length fur and he sits about three feet tall.

They go away to work and the dog looks really tired and low so I have the vet come over and check him out. He discovers that it has cancer and estimates its about six months left to live.

Even though he is dying, he is loyal and loving even to the last moments. The owner came home and took care of the dog before it died.

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Tuesday, January 21st 2020

11:15 AM

Leg Bruises

Looking down at a red velvet car seat where I am sitting, I notice I am in black jean shorts. Then I notice my legs are covered in bruises from the thighs down and even to the back of my legs.

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Sunday, January 19th 2020

3:03 PM

Lady Death

Outside there is fog drifting by through a meadow of tall grass and small hills. I can sense something riding towards me like when the sun leaves and the moon comes. The night is dark, but colored in tones of blue.

A path made of dirt stretches out into a paved road where lanterns shimmer and blur in the weather. They are made of black metal and droop over low like dying flowers.

A voice speaks to me telepathically and it is a woman who says that I will not be happy when it's time death comes for me. She describes herself as a death goddess.

I can see her approach and she is in a black carriage being pulled by two black thoroughbred horses and an old man hunched over them. She is tall and skinny, like a skeleton with pale skin. She wears black lace gloves, black boots and a ruffled white t-shirt and velvet green trench coat. Her head is adorned by a black hat in the shape of a gardening one, whose covered in bows and black roses.

She passes by slowly and looks down on me with the look of a thief. It is not my time soon, but she is warning me that she will be back to see me again one day and it makes me wary but at the same time it is a reminder to get everything done that I need to do...

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Wednesday, January 15th 2020

11:23 AM

Burning The Candle

I have a white candle from the Temple of Salem in Salem, Massachusetts and I was dreaming that there is a voice that is coming from it speaking that I need to burn in four rooms to represent Earth, Air, Fire & Water.

So, the spirit goes on to show me to walk the candle from the bedroom into the next room, which is the kitchen and living room. The bed I was sleeping in was where Earth started, which makes sense because that's where you materialize your dreams from the night before.

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Saturday, December 28th 2019

11:18 AM

Black Widow

In the corner of the ceiling in my house there is a spider web by a plastic container. I see a shadow flashing really fast and so I look to see what it looks like up close. The spider is a black widow with a really large abdomen and a male because I do not see the hourglass.

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Tuesday, December 17th 2019

10:55 AM

A Seat at the Table

A very long oak wooden table in a rectangular shape sits in the sky. The room is made of clouds and firmament of Heaven. I am sitting towards the end, across from a spiritual brother and there is a girl next to him that insults me and then I say one word and she falls to the Earth.

There is nothing on the table, only people all sitting there that are varying looks and ages. There is absolute emptiness on this altar. It is a place where we come to connect and see what we need to in love.

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Sunday, December 15th 2019

3:07 PM

The End

I am in a car and messing with the radio dial. I get to a station 106.5 that used to be called The End and it keeps saying over again the radio station name and number.

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Monday, November 4th 2019

8:14 PM

A Giant Bat

Lying in bed my dream takes place exactly where I am. I can see a large bat that is flying around the top of my ceiling. He is black with a brown tummy and is going all over the place.

As soon as I realize what it is I become scared for a moment because it flies against the wall and knocks itself out and falls right on top of my head while I am sleeping. It seems like there is a silver cord coming from it too.

I saw this in a lucid dream and it woke me up because it was so vivid that I thought there was really a bat inside of my house. Of course there is no bat in the room when I look.

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Friday, October 25th 2019

10:37 AM

A Very Long Dress

There is a sense of walking around alot in this dream. I have a male presence besides me that doesn't give me the answers, just simply is besides me. It's as if I am trying to figure out something important because I walk into many different rooms and search for items.

The house has many bedrooms, like a bed and breakfast. In some rooms the beds are nicely made and there is peace. In other rooms, there is old furniture, paintings and items in disarray.

A black fabric tunnel peeks out of one room so much that the door cannot close. It appears to be a tunnel. So, I walk in there to find that there is a massive black gown with this lace and silk fabric taking over the whole room.

While I look at it the fabric comes alive into a long black sky dragon which wraps itself all over me completely. I can feel it constricting all over my body. It seems to find a comfortable spot on me and then turns back into the strapless black dress.

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Tuesday, October 22nd 2019

2:54 PM

Holding Her Baby

My sister Abby and I are at a soccer game at the park. The grass is very green and she is dressed up in a pink silk dress holding a baby, also dressed in light pink in her arms. She says she has to go somewhere and then hands the child to me.

I walk around the borders of the game holding her and Abby walks off to the other end of the field to go run an errand. I remember that I was thinking that she was taking so long to come back, but the baby never cried.

At the end of the dream, she comes back and I hand her the baby and she smiles like she is happy. She looks older though, by at least 20 years or more. She has a spirit about her which reminds me of my grandmother.

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Sunday, October 20th 2019

2:46 PM

Faded Yellow

A large group of people dressed in ghost hunting clothes are upstairs of an older building. The walls are made of brittle wood which caves in some places. The paint on them is a faded yellow that covers the whole entire space.

I am leaning over a green carpet looking at some rubble that is on the ground. There seems to be piles of stones lined up everywhere. I have a head lamp on and as soon as I go to inspect something further, a dark shadow jumps across in front of me. I watch it run and disappear.

When I woke up from this dream, I went to go turn the lights on in my bedroom because I saw the darkness there, but it shorted out. Then I kept getting a message in my head about the devil being in the details.

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Monday, October 7th 2019

8:25 PM

Holding Hands

There is a portal in space and time which looks like a doorway of light. I step into the space and it is a room covered in light only. There are no walls, furniture or windows anywhere.

A dark silhouette of a man walks out of the area to greet me. He does not speak, he only reaches out his hand to hold mine and we walk together. Although he is a shadow, I can feel the warmth of his body as we step back to the world.

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Saturday, September 14th 2019

10:58 PM

Sleeping with a Bear

The sun feels warm and nurturing on my skin. I sense very clear and fresh air. Birds are chirping gracefully in the trees of a forest.

A big brown bear comes towards me standing on two feet like a man. It is happy and comfortable as it walks towards me with open arms.

He hugs me and then I go to my house and go to sleep in a daybed. The mattress covers are forest green. We sleep together and its peaceful, but at the back of my mind I wonder if he will always be.

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Sunday, September 8th 2019

8:59 PM

Lost Tarantula

My red knee tarantula is playing in the house in my dream and then it gets away and runs very fast. I panic and try to figure out where it is. I search in the home, but can't seem to find it in my panic.

I go outside and drive all over this town that is dark and silent. No noises are heard except nature sounds. It loos like a small location.

I give up and go home, disappointed. As soon as I get ready to lay in bed Lava comes out from under my bed. She is acting tame and then I put her back to her cage and go to sleep.

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Wednesday, September 4th 2019

8:05 PM

Silver Fish

I am swimming in very dark and deep water. It is so black that it looks blue. The moonlight illuminates ripples on the surface and I go under to see what's there. From where I am looking I can see a fish coming towards me.

It is large, the size of a skateboard and has a regular sized mouth and nose. The fin is very long, especially the back one. The silver tone of the creatures body makes a luminescent glow.

When I go back to the surface, I notice that I am wearing black pearl earrings and am psychically seeing where the fish is going. I hear music playing in the distance on some kind of piano, making interstellar noises.

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Saturday, August 24th 2019

11:45 PM

The Ten Commandments

My hair is black and very long, which is it's natural hair color. I am wearing a denim jacket and a pink cotton dress. There is a young girl child, about one years old that is following me everywhere and she doesn't talk.

We walk from a back room, where there are toys, a chalkboard and files on a desk. It looks like a messy office. The child has a bowl cut with brown silky and thick hair. She is wearing a white cotton one piece with blue diamond designs everywhere.

I grab her and carry her on my hip. We look at the chalkboard, it is broken into a calendar that is based on the weeks. The day I seem interested in is a Wednesday, in the very middle and it says that I will be teaching the ten commandments.

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