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Thursday, April 6th 2017

2:27 PM

Ukulele Master

There is a house with dark wooden floors and royal blue walls and a similar furry rug on the floor, in front of a white couch. It is dimly lit and a bay window in the main room reveals that the sun is setting. I am here, sitting upon this couch and holding my yellow soprano ukulele. In waking life, I have only just recently begun to practice with it. In my dream however, I am a skilled master.

I am wearing a white t-shirt and black yoga pants and there are other people in casual clothes, who walk by me as I am practicing. They are strange faces and persons that I do not know. They walk by and stare at me in fascination as I am playing this instrument like a master. It's like I can play any note there ever was and it's incredible.

 I am making the most beautiful music and doing it with such grace that it's mesmerizing. At one point, I even turn it sideways and upside down and the melody never stalls. This fills me with such beauty and joy that it is carried over into the living spirit and inspired me not to quit playing music. It is a motivational and feels me with comfort and hopefulness.

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