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Thursday, April 13th 2017

1:03 PM

House Ghost


There is a mansion that has a large deck on the outside, made of pine, that goes around the whole perimeter of the backyard. I am walking across this to enter through the back door. The back door is open and the screen is covering the entrance. I go through it to a largely spacious and simply designed home.

The walls are a dark blue in the first room and the floors are a deep wooden brown, almost like chocolate. This appears to be a kitchen and there is a dining room in the next room. The dining room is painted red and there is a giant wooden table that is grand and dark like the floors. It is polished and finished with curvatures and a shiny coat, which reflects in lighting.

I walk all the way through these rooms and get to a space that has a secret door in the ceiling. The room opens up, much like an attic and a ghost comes through the pull down stairs. The ghost is very tall, about seven feet. The ghost has dark skin and hair and looks Hispanic. He is wearing a powder blue, cream and baby pink plaid flannel shirt. He also wears blue jeans. He comes out of the room and follows me into a bedroom with powder blue walls and lights strung up in the four corners. The lights glow a bright yellow color.

He tries to get into the big king size bed with fluffy black blankets with me and I freak out and run out of the house and start screaming for someone to call the police. Then I realize that it's a ghost and so the police aren't coming.


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